Anyone Diagnosed With A Hematoma Following Vaginal Birth

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Karen - April 21

Hi - I posted on another thread about soreness I was experiencing following the birth of my daughter. I recently developed a real sore right bottom side - to the right of my labia on the right side. Quite painful. Midwife took a look and says I have developed a hematoma (area of blood acc_mulation). She says that it will self-absord but couldn't really say how long it would take. I am upset that I didn't ask more questions on it - I'm still experiencing a fair amount of discomfort and feel like its robbing me my time with my newborn. Managing the pain and caring for her is now difficult. I'd like to take my midwife's word for it that the area will heal..but am anxious about it. Besides - its less than ideal when one is trying to enjoy their first weeks of motherhood!


ClarebearNkids - April 22

Hematoma is just a medical term for a bruise. That's all. Your v____al area has experienced a major trama. Bruising is normal and happens to every woman who goes through v____al delivery. Whether your OB, midwife, or whomever tells you you are bruised or not. Most women will experience brusing and yes it is painful. It will go away about as quickly as any other bruising on the body. Enjoy your new baby.


mamateresa2006 - September 16

you are wrong to say it is a normal occurence i was diagnosed with a hematoma after delivery only after the nurse realized i was in an abnormal amount of pain. i had to go in for a five hour operation after giving birth to my son. I also find it hard to find answers . but i was told it is a very rare occurence, So not to sound rude but it shouldnt be taken as just a bruise,


Amazonjan - September 19

Karen, I gave birth to my first baby on August 2nd and I also developed a hematoma on the right labia all the way to my rear end. It was painful as all hell. It wa__so painful the doctor gave me 2 perkasets. (sp). It is only within the last couple of days I noticed it shrinking. I've been putting warm conpresses on it. Before I had noticed it getting smller, my OBGYN had scheduled me for surgery to drain it. Luckily, I may not need surgery any more. I See my OBGYN on Monday to reevaluate my condition. If your hematoma do not reabsorb, you may have to get it drained. Depending on how big it is, it may take a while to go down. Just think, I gave birth on 8/2/07 and today is 9/19/07.


noahzachsmommy - February 19

I developed a very large hematoma during v____al birth with my first son. I have to say, it was much more than just a "bruise". The pain was absolutely unbearable (worse than the labot or childbirth itself). 45 minutes after delivery, I was rushed into emergency surgery to drain the hematoma. The recovery was very long and painful and it was 6 months before I was back to normal or could even have s_x. I was also told this was a rare occurance, and have been unable to find much information out there on the subject. I'm due to give birth to my second son in a month and am praying it doesn't happen again.


rae31307 - December 10

I was enduced with my daughter. I only went through about 3 hours of active labor before she was born. I had some trouble with my uterus contracting afterwards. My doc had to almost pull my placenta out and I had many blood clots afterwards. About 5-6 weeks later I was having a lot of pain in my lower left side and was having a lot of trouble with bowel movements. I went to the doctor they did many tests and found a ma__s on my left pelvis and a large cyst on my right ovary. I just had lap surgery and had the cyst removed. When they went to remove the ma__s they found nothing. They went in v____ally and found a large hematoma in my v____al wall. They drained the hematoma and the cyst. I am wondering if anyone has anything like this or has any information that can help me. I can’t find anything on the internet and I am afraid it will come back, or I won’t be able to have ore kids after this. Please let me know…


mydwyf516 - January 4

rae31307, this should NOT effect your ability to have future children. It is more rare to have a large hematoma on the v____al wall, but since your baby was born so quickly, it does not surprise me that you ended up with some bruising! Heal well! It should not come back or effect having more children. It is very painful to have and I hope you feel better soon!


KierstinShettlesworth - July 31

I developed a hematoma on the inside of my v____al wall after I had my second child. The most painful thing I have ever experienced. They put me under to drain it. It had 300cc of blood, rather large. I am now pregnant with my third child and fear that it will come back again. It was a pretty tough recovery... I'm hoping and praying that it does not happen again!!


ksimowitz - September 10

I had a v____al hematoma with the birth of my 3rd son. It was the most pain I have ever endured. The reason I found this discussion is 5 years later I am still in pain when I menstruate. It is hard to stand and walk for long periods of time. I am planning on another pregnancy but I wonder how this will effect my pain. My OB told me in March that specialists are doing a lot more research on the trauma that is caused by forceps, etc during child birth. He said it is becoming more common. Even thought it is a horrible experience it is comforting to know I am not the only one.


soleilmar - March 15

I recently had my baby in February and during labor I had apparently developed a hematoma under my right labia. During my pregnancy I had been experiencing some soreness in the same area and my doctor never bothered to look at it. Well during labor the hematoma ruptured all over my doctor. I ended up losing a lot of blood and became anemic. Could my doctor have known about this sooner to prevent the rupture? It worries me to continue to have her as my OBGYN, help??


crmsnbty4 - March 18

So here's what happened to me... I was a week from being 20 when I had my First son in 2003. After being in the labor and delivery ward for 7 hour and not dialating past 3 centimeters the nurse has me walk. I literally didn't make it 10 ft and I went from 3 to 10. The nurses got me on the bed just in time for a doc to catch my ds. She wasnt even my doc they couldn't page my doc in time cuz it happened so fast. Well being that i was "just a kid" in the nurses eyes when i told them how much pain i was in they said i was just being a baby. Several hours later when I still hadn't gone pee a nurse came to give me a catheter and found the huge hematoma (the size of grapefruit) I was rushed to the OR. My mother was later told that if they had waited 2 more hours I would have been dead. I spent a week in the hospital. Went to my 6 week check up where the pap was the most painful one I'd ever had. Weeks later I slept with my hubby and something tore! I rushed to the ER cuz it wouldn't stop bleeding, just to find out that because of the severe swelling my outer labia had literally fused together. What I'd like to know is why the lady that gave me my pap didn't say anything? I now have severe scarring. What I'm trying to get at is that Hematomas really aren't just bruising... at least in my case it wasn't.


sld - May 29

I agree, i dont think it should be cla__sed as just a bruise, i had my baby just over an hour in a half after arriving to the hospital and the pain i had afterwids was absolutly horrible, it was the worst pain i have ever been through. I had to have surgery and get 500mils of blood draind, i couldnt walk for a week, i had to give up b___stfeeding as i couldnt get comftorble to be able to feed him.. it is now 4 months later and it still plays up, i hope it comes right soon. I would not wish what happend to me on anyone, and calling it a bruise doesnt even describe it!


mk9186 - June 8

I had my first baby 3 years ago.. i had developed a Hematoma, the midwife was telling me that the pain i was in was normal.. I kept ringing the bell and she turned around and told the other midwives on duty that i was being a hypercondriac and dont worry about me, 2 hrs later was a shift change, another midwife came in to check on me and called the doctor straight away. by the time the doc came and saw me it was the size of a grape fruit. he organized emergency surgery but by the time the theatre was free it was 10 hr after the birth of my son and was the size of a rockmelon had lost 2 ltrs of blood and needed a transfusion. the reason why im on here is, i would like to know if anyone that has suffered from a haematoma, is it still painful to have s_x? for me its been 3 yrs and is still tender.


sld - June 8

After i had my baby i told my midwife how much pain i was in, she said "oh come on, its normal. every1 has this'' so i felt so embarrased, my whole family was looking at me weird. i couldnt walk on it, she told me to have a shower, i said i want too but i cant, she told me to stop being silly and got me out of bed, i almost fainted, i had to try climb over the bath to get in the shower, i was taking to long so she gave me a shove to make me get in. After about 2 hours my midwife finaly had a look, and she was like ohhh no im going to have to go get the big doctor. I was not happy. Its been just over 4 months.. i cant stand s_x, i feel horrible for my partner.. i didnt like it during pregnancy and i cant do it now, i just wish it would come right. Its not fair!


petrina - July 11

Actually I am relieved to see that I am not the only one. I had a large v____al hemotoma following the birth of my first child in 2002. The baby was big and heavy and I gave birth on my back. After the birth and during the suturing the pain was unbearable and I could not focus or lay still but still no one seemed to believe the pain was anything out of the ordinary. It was the worst pain I have ever felt and finally someone discovered what was the problem and I was taken to surgery. It was drained and 500 cc of blood came from it. I will never forget how good it felt to wake up again and the pulsating pain was away (for a while anyway!). It took a long time to heal, I could not stand up without a__sistance and handling the baby was difficult. I had another big baby 2 years later without any problems but the entire pregnancy I was worried that it might happen again. I was even thinking about this during the labor and birth. In that birth I did not suffer from anything but a "normal" tearing and frankly, when you are expecting something like hemotoma, a tearing seems like nothing! Now I am having my third one and I really hope everything will go fine!


miajax33 - July 20

Okay, seriously whoever said that a hematoma was just a "bruise" obviously never experienced one before. I had this happen after the birth of my daughter. I had no idea what was going on, but the pain was just as bad as labor!! My Doctor told me that I was just emotional and to just try and relax. I couldn't sleep at all the first night, ran a high fever, couldn't lay on my back and had to be given pain medication. My daughter had to spend a week in the NICU due to swallowing some Meconium. I couldn't even get out of bed to hold her until th next day!! Finally as I was discharging I had a nurse tell me that I had a hematoma, prior to this noone could tell me what was wrong! This made sitting so difficult and painful and nursing my baby was nearly impossible for several weeks. I am now pregnant with my second and I am scared to death that it will happen again. Although my new doctor tells me that its rare to begin with and even rarer to happen with second baby. My fingers are crossed and it was so good to read posts from other women this has happened to.


petrina - July 24

Dear miamax33 I just wanted you to know that my second birth (a healthy baby weighing 10.5 lb) with medically induced labor was nothing like the first one and no hematoma occured! I hope everyting will be just fine with your second one also!



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