Anyone Else Have This After Epidural

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lindsay - October 19

i am 7 weeks preg w/ 2nd child. with my son, 3 1/2 years ago, i had an epidural... everything was great! i was comfortable, could sleep, and could even feel when i needed to push. (don't get me wrong ,i don't know if the stuff wore off or if pressure=intense pain but the whole hour i actually pushed i was in a lot of pain and when he crowned, i seriously thought i ripped in half, even after a 2nd degree episiotomy, and pushed up the table, consequently being yelled at ny my doctor to get my butt back down on the table!!!) but soon after the delivery, i started feeling like i was going to black out and when the nurse took my bp, it was 90 over 60 and steadlily dropping. the anesthesiologist ripped my epidural out and the nurse let my pitocin flow as fast as it could. ( i was induced and the pitocin would have made my uterus contract faster in case i was hemmorraging) but the doctor and nurse both agreed that i had not lost a lot of blood and that it must have been a reaction to the epidural. later that night , i completely passed out while a nurse was taking me to the bathroom, and i also developed the worst headache i have ever had for which my doctor actually prescribed percocet for and to help my pain level in general. i could barely walk, and kept blacking out. and, once i got home i kept itching SO bad and when i would start scratching, i would break out in terrible hives. oh, yeah, that terrible headache lasted a week straight along w/ the hives and itching and weekness and inability to function... ahhhh...soooo.... my ?? is has anyone else experienced anything like this or am i just a weenie? i'm not sure if the epidural really did cause all of that or if it was just me. i would love to get another for the comfort during labor but i am scared to go through all that again, esp since i'll now hane 2 children to take care of. but i am also scared that it will be worse if i don't get it. what do you all think??? please, any advice or your own horror stories will (strangely) help!


Lynn - October 19

I have never had an epidural and won't get one because of horror stories like yours. I have done enough research to know that the low blood pressure can be a side effect of the epi, the headache is what they call a spinal headache, its from the whol ein your spinal membrane, where the epidural was, didn't clot properly and you were leaking spinal fluid. The itchiness was probably from the percocet, any narcotic drug can cause that as a side effect. I don't know too much about the blacking out/pa__sing out stuff though, sounds scary to me. Good luck with whatever you decide.


lindsay - October 19

thanks for your response, lynn. i was never sure if all my symptoms were from the epidural or not... my husband seems to think that it all happened because my body was in shock from the ordeal :) i don't think the itchiness was from the percocet though because i've taken it a million times before with no side effect like that, all though i suppose every circ_mstance is different. please, anyone else with helpful input please reply... i've only got 8 months to come to a decision!! i am going to discuss it with my doctor of course. anyone who has had more than one epidural let me know how thay went... like did you have any of these terrible side effects with one and not another? also anyone who had epidurals and later or previously gave natural (and by that i mean painkiller free) birth , share your experience and tell me which you liked better. thanks!


Kimberley - October 19

I have had 3 children, the first two naturally NO pain relief and an epi with my last one. I am 21 weeks pregnant again, and will defently be opting for an epi! The pushing for me was bareable, as you know you are getting close, and actually doing something, but the contractions that get your cervix open, are much worse. With my epi, I did fee light headed after but not for long. I didn't get the headache you talk about either. When you give birth, it is a huge job for your body, and can take a lot out of you, so to put everything down to the epi, may not be right. Although the headache was probably due to the epi, it doesn't mean it will happen next time. Blacking out/pa__sing out would be due to low blood pressure, which could be from the stress of birth, and a little from the pain relief within the epi. Make sure when getting up to do it slowly, to sit on the edge of the bed for a few minutes when getting out, and not to rush around for a couple of days. Good luck with your decision.


lindsay - October 19

hey girls- i thought of another question... has anyone opted for intravenous painkillers during labor instead of epi or completely drug free? and how did this go for you? was it a big enough help to risk putting drugs into baby's bloodstream?? just trying to explore all of my options. :)


Ashlie - October 19

I had an epidural with my first son and the only thing that happened to me was I threw up twice while I was in labor (after I had the epidural) and I did black out a few times after I delivered but I had 3-4th degree tearing and my blood was actually "shooting" out of me (tmi-sorry) so Im not sure if I was blacking out from the epidural or because of the blood lose. But I am going to be induced next week and I will most likely get an epidural again, as I wont be able to handle the pain of tearing again if I do. :-)


lindsay - October 20

thanks ashlie (and kimberley) for your 2 cents. i am mostly afraid of the epi because of my blood pressure dropping like it did. i have had some anxiety problems that i have been able to work through w/out meds for the past couple of years, but the thought of the panic i had makes me panic! basically , i'm afraid i'll just be in a full b__wn panic attack by default! of course, i don't want that headache again either... i've suffered from migraines for years but that headace was worse than the labor pain, i swear! i just felt so incapacitated after the delivery. it took every single ounce of strength i had to lift my body out of bed to take care of my baby and myself...aghh... i'm trying not to stress about this so early... i should just talk to my doctor. i feel like i am strong enough that i would consider a drug free birth, but then i'm afraid that i couldn't handle it and would get the epi anyways... and what's the point of suffering just to get it when i could just get it and halfway enjoy the labor and delivery??!!


marcie. - October 24

Hi Lindsay.I have had one of each,my 1st natural birth was dreadful,I never wanted to go through that,had pain meds that did'nt take.2nd was an elective section,it was far better,all controlled,and the pain afterwards was manageable.If you feel scared about the next birth opt for that,I am glad I did.


Jill H. - October 24

I too have heard mixed reviews on having an epidural. I am 4 days overdue and still have not fully made a decision about it. My labor with my son was quick so I was thinking I would elect not to have it, however I think there is only so much pain people can take if their labor is long and if needed I will elect to have it at that time. I think it is hard to make the decision in advance. Each labor is different and I have heard on several occasions the second or third child is much easier then the first. I know plenty of women that have their epidural planned as soon as they get to the hospital and it seems funny to me because they don't know if it will be a bad experience. It can't hurt to wait it out and see what happens when you start to go into labor. The side effects you talk about would be hard to deal with having 2 children, that is my worse fear, I bounced right back my first time. My sister had pitocin and an epidural and then ended up with a c-section and did not bounce back well at all. Hope this helps. Sorry to be long winded.


lindsay - October 24

i'm so happy people are taking the time to answer this thread! to marcie-- the one thing that scares me more then the horrid side effects of the epi is a c-section, lol! it freaks me out to think about being cut open like that, esp. while conscious. i swear i'll freak out if i have to have an emergy c-section or something... i hope to God i can deliver v____ally again! i expect pain and a lot of hard work during labor,and there is such a huge payoff it's worth it... the aftermath is a different story! i would just like to be as comfortable as possible. but that is really cool that a c-section was the right choice for you. i've heard a lot of people plan theirs and are very pleased w/ everything. and jill--- i was 11 days overdue when i was finally induced. i SOOO feel for you right now! well, keep the input and opinions coming, girls. i'm sure this helps a lot of expecting women decide one way or another about their birthing plans... either that or we're terrifying everyone,LOL!!! :)


Alissa - October 25

Hey Lindsay I think you had u are alergic to the epi myself. I had one while i was pregnant because i had to get my appendix taken out and i didnt have any real problems with it just that i came out of it to fast and they had to do an other one when i was still in surgery. But thats beside the point. Im going to try and go with out an epi because i just didnt like the feeling of the numbness. I do however want something to take the edge off of the pain. I am 8 months so i dont have much time left. I hope you have a good rest of you pregnancy.


Lezman - March 16

Dear Lindsay,  today I underwent a steroid injection into my spine for an injury treatment (I am a male by the way).  The procedure was done under an epidural.

The whole procedure went without a hitch, however about ten minutes later as I was having the result explained to me, I lost conciousness and my next memory was being on the scanner bed with five people around me asking me if I knew my name and where I was.

I was told it happens on rare occasions and may have been a reaction to the epidural.  Strange thing is, I had the same procedure six months ago with no ill effects at all.

I've been researching this today and as far as I can see, it either will happen or it won't.  It's a rare thing but no-one can seem to tell who is a candidate.

I have just seen the date of your post and so I am probably a little late with this information but I hope it helps anybody who reads it.




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