Anyone Else Pissed At Their Doc

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Ashlie - October 5

My doc is really starting to tick me off, I have to wait forever just to see her and then when I do finially see her, its hi, everything looks good, bye see ya next week. Today I asked for an ultrasound because Ive been measuring big and dont want to have a c-section cuz the baby is too big to delivery va___ally, she said, "no lets see how things look next week" like im gonna get smaller?? I have no idea how far I am dialated cept from what I have checked myself, if im thinned or anything. Just wondering if anyone else is dealing with something like this??? I actually drove home crying from the doctor today, cuz of how mad she makes me. Then of course my mom says "so how did it go? what is the news?" and every time I go "I have no idea" err.....


me again - Ashlie - October 5

I forgot too, the other reason I asked for an ultrasound to see how big he is, cuz my menstrual period was Jan7-11th giving me a due date of Oct 14th, but they have Nov 2nd as a due date, so I voice my concern to her and she says " no your MP due date is Nov 2nd" I thinking ??? WHAT ??? how is she going to tell me when I had my period? so after some arguement, she says I wouldnt worry about it, were not going to change your due date.


Karlie - October 6

Hey, i feel the same as you do Ashlie. Im 37 wks 5 days and i have no idea if im thinned or dilated or evan any idea how big the baby is. To make it worse i have gestational diabetes so I'd really like to know if babies big or not? Im scared itll be huge. What can ya do?


Ashlie - October 6

Karlie - Im not even sure there is anything we can do, She isnt my normal doc, I had to switch to her at 28wks because my doc doesnt deliver babies, and now its too late to switch to another doc.. grr.. doesnt it just make you soo mad. Its like, Whos baby is this anyways???


Sheri - October 6

A midwife has more time and you get to know them better, they also explain why they do things and the results of your tests so you know exactly whats going on and you can call them anytime. thats my suggestion ive had both a doc with my first and im on my second and i have a midwife and shes great. you should look into it. How far along r u


sian - October 6

hey Ashlie, yeah i know doctors suck!im 38 weeks in 2 hospital is usually pretty good but at my last appt. they were really busy so i was rushed in and straight out!i told her i needed my next appt on a thursday, and she gives me a d__n friday!!!although she a__sured me it was a thursday!i had my strp b swab also, an i didnt know i had to do it myself!!she said "just go into the toilet and wipe this around the inside of your v____a and bring it back!" i thought that was kinda their job.every ache or pain i described she just looked at me and smiled and explanation as to what was causing any of it!(obviously pregnancy though!!)she felt my stomache and measured it on top of my jumper instead of exposed i hope i dont have her at my appt tomorrow-oh yeah, she was also supposed to book my appt for 1 week, she made it 2!


lisa - October 6

ti sian, your doctor sounds c___p, although i had the same experience with a midwife when i thought i had thrush due to increased thick white discharge, she said we will do a swab then said do you want to do it yourself otherwise i can do it??? i thought that was a bit weird, im 38 weeks and she made out like i might be embarrased so i could do it myself, i thought well if im going to be having my baby here in the next two weeks im sure i can cope with a swab. However as my midwife seemed against the gbs test, she said better wait and see after the birth, cos if im pos i wont be able to have water birth, personally id rather have an uncomfortable birth and a healthy baby, so i ordered the gbs test myself from, which is free, i did the swabs myself and will get the results within three days, I also understand everyone when we just get told all the aches pains, numbness etc are all "normal for pregnancy" and we get no explaination, im actually worried about going over as they do nothing untill you go 10-12 days over, so many women on this forum seem to get sweeps at 38 weeks. it seems a no no here in the uk


Ashlie - October 6

I had my swab done yesterday, my doc did it for me. But I had a midwife with part of my pregnancy with my first son and she was litterally the stupidest person I had ever met. I would have to drive 25 mins to see my doctor and when my doc was gone delivering babies I would have to see the midwife that worked in the same office. I once went to see my doctor and she told me I was 2cm and then the next week I had to see the midwife and I asked her if I progressed at all and she said "no, your still closed" ???? but now since we moved I cant go see the doctor I had with my first son. I am 36wk +1 although I firmly believe I am further (as above stated) Ive gone into labor twice already at 33 and 35wks put they stopped it because I wasnt far enough along. Sian - shouldnt you be seeing your doc every week now? if they scheduled mine for 2 weeks I wouldnt leave the office until they changed it, there is soo much that can happen in two weeks. Im also worried about delivering in this hospital, Ive heard soo many horror stories about how c___ppy they are and how the nurses are mean and dont attend to your needs. Im scared.. lol


jen - October 6

I think my doctor is great. But I have had a few problems seeing other docs. I went to the hospital on a friday because I was having such bad pain in my side, the doc there sent me home and told me it was my ligaments stretching at 30 weeks. I went back to the hosp. the next day in worse pain and finally took a blood test and found my white blood cells to be way to high, next thing I know I have a surgeon standing in front of me telling me I have to have my appendix removed immediately, that sucked. At 32 weeks I had to have the labored stopped again. So I have been dilated to almost a 4 and 50% effaced since then, I had an appt with my doc yesterday, but he was delivering, so i had to see another doc in the office, He did a test for gbs, ???, and then he looked up there, didn't feel, and told me my cervix was closed, (ladies when your cervix is closed it means you are not dilated at all, right?) well when i told him how can i just close I have been dilated to almost a 4 for 4 weeks now, and he looked at my chart and said uh uh i meant you havent change any, yeah right he had no idea what he was talking about. I can't wait to see my doc, it is such a better feeling leaving the office when you feel re a__sured. Good luck to you all.


sian - October 7

yeah my appts are meant to be weekly. i had an appt today and i swear the criteria to work in that hospital is to be rude and stupid!!i had a different midwife this time but justas bad as the other. i told her that 2 nights ago i had what felt like contractions every 4-5 minutes for a few hours but they went away....she just said when its the real thing you'll know!i a__sumed theyd do a internal or something?? when it came to making my next appt for nxt week they were full so another midwife came up and said "she was only seen today so if you cant get her in for next week make it 2 weeks and hopefullyshe would of had her baby by then!" i couldnt believe how unprofessional they were!(luckily they got me in for 1 week)then when they made that appt she said "feel free to have your baby in the meantime, coz we are very busy!"


Ashlie - October 7

Sian - Oh my goodness.. I cant even believe that, how rude and unprof. I would demand an internal exam if that happened to me, besides they want you to go into labor, so they shouldnt be worried about making you go into labor by doing an exam. My doc said she is going to regularly check me at every appointment now because Ive been having soo many contractions, but it doesnt matter because I know my contractions are not strong enough to make me dialate, even when I was in labor. I had to be induced with my first son because of a stubborn cervix and even then I didnt dialate on my own I needed pitocin, and im pretty sure that is what is going to happen this time as I have been having bad BH for 2 months now and have been in labor twice but had it stopped. and still only a fingertip she says, which is normal for 2nd baby. So now I am just going to wait until she decided she wants to induce me lol..


Kris - October 7

I am not happy with mine either right now. I am a few days shy of 34 weeks supposedly, according to the ultrasound they did at the beginning of this pregnancy. With my calculations I actually am 2 weeks further along and this is using the 1st day of my LMP. Nice huh? Anyway, I have been going in every 2 weeks for the past 2 months, and this last time they finally tested me for Gestational Diabetes. Found out Fri afternoon that I have it. I thought this is great never had this with my other two, so now what do I do, I asked. I was told to watch my sugar and don''t drink sweet tea but only water. Also, Ive had BH contractions for the past 2 months. Any ideas what to do or ask the doc as to why it was so long for the testing?


Beckie - October 7

Well, I'm at 38 weeks and my doc went on a two week vacation and didn't even tell me she was going. My next appt. is days after my due date!! I' m also measuring big...ugh


Karen - October 8

Beckie, I am 37 weeks and my Doctor is going to be out from 38 - 40 weeks also. In a way, though, I am okay with it since he is starting to p__s me off. He is very conservative and since I recently tested positive for GBS he told me that he will not do any internals until I am either 39 weeks or my contractions are 10 minutes apart. The problem is that I live an hour away from the hospital/office (2 hours in Southern CA traffic) and this is my first baby so I don't know what to expect. I am hoping that the Doctor I see at 38 weeks will do the internal just so I have a better idea of where I am at. My baby is measuring big as well and the placenta has only barely moved away from the cervix. I wish they'd check that again so I'd know better if a c-section was in order but it seems like my appointments are rushed now compared to a month ago. I don't get it.


For Ashlie - October 8

Measuring big very seldom changes your due date. Most often it's just a good size baby and they can still be delivered v____ally with induction not needed. Don't let that worry you. Although, it would be disappointing to not know if you're making any progress.



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