Anyone Else Scared

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jen - August 2

my waters broke yesterday morning. had contractions the whole time i was hooked up to the monitor in hosiptal. they sent me home to wait for the contractions to really get going and they have nigh on stopped now. will be induced tomorrow if no progress but my body has decided to start panicing. have been looking forward to this since we started trying for a baby but now am feeling really scared. please help!!


Jess - August 2

Jen where are you from? where I live if your water breaks they keep you in the hospital till you have your baby. They say that if you don't have your baby in 24hrs after your water breaks thenyou get a c/s. because there is rick of infection to the baby. Whatever you do don't have s_x. Didn't mean to scare you if I did.


jen - August 2

am in the south of england. they let us go 48 hours before intervening. have been to hospital and they monitored myself and the baby to make sure all was ok and sent us home to let everything kick off. its just not kicking off!! they give us a checklist of things to watch out for for signs of infection plus some disposable thermometers. think risk of infection in england is lower at home than in hospital!! thnaks for your concern though


anna - August 5

its ok i was scared to but when you actually start to have your baby then the fear will stop and the pushing a rushing will begin


Kristie - August 7

Hi there, I'm having my third and I'm even scared! It's always a scary thing to know you're going to give birth, anyone who denys that is absolutely crazy! Just tell yourself, I'm meant for this, I am strong, and once you get throught he hardest part of pushing, for some strange reason, all the pain dissapears when you see your baby for the first time. You'll be fine and you'll look back knowing it was all worth it. Good luck and stay strong!


Jamie - August 8

I'm terrified. I'm sitting up at 3 in the morning cause I had 2 contractions, one at 2:30, the other at 3...waiting for 2 more before I go in...and I just know it's not gonna happen but I'm terrified that it will.



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