Anyone Had A Baby At 34 Or 35 Weeks

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LoriAnn2994 - April 10

I stopped by Brethine 3 days ago. I was told that if I went into labor they would not stop me. I just wondered if anyone else had a baby this early and what was the outcome. I am ready to go, I just wondered if my baby is okay.


krista-lee - April 10

well i havent, this pregnancy is my firstpregnancy, but my mom had my oldest sister (shes 19 now) at 36 weeks, me at 37 weeks and my baby sister at 35 weeks. all of us were perfectly healthy! you're baby should be fine, if you go into labor it means he/she is ready to get outta there : ] good luck!


KellynJ - May 24

I was 33 weeks and 6 days, I was transferred to anorher hospital.. my son came out perfectly healthy, just a lil jaundice but nothing went wrong


pinkstar306 - May 31

hi there...i had my daughter at 36, going on 37 weeks, and weighed 5 lbs 14 oz at birth, at 2 month checkup, she weighed 11 lbs 13 point daughter is healthy and happy!! the that to mature the lungs? cuz if it is, i had that...and the shot to stop the contractions at 33 weeks.. and another to mature the lungs...i had so many things done at 33 weeks, i was so lost..


mcatherine - May 31

I had my first son at 34.5 weeks. He went home with a little jaundice (only sunlight needed) but otherwise very healthy.


sara b - May 31

I was on brethine too. I started my first labor at 27 weeks. I was on brethine for 6 or so weeks. I hate to tell you but it can stop you from going into labor long after you stop taking it. I went 4 days overdue. Don't get too worried. You'll be alright. Best wishes.


MMorris - May 31

This is my first pregnancy, but from what I can tell it depends entirely on the situation. When I started having contractions at 36 weeks, my doctor put me on medication to stop them. About 3 months ago, however, my friend went into labor and had her baby girl at 26 weeks. She may be small, but the doctors couldn't believe how well devoloped she was! She even pushed herself up a few weeks ago and now weighs about 4 lbs.


Atarahsmommy - June 5

My SIL has had all of her kids early, 5 of them, at 35 and 36 weeks, with her second youngest she went into labor at 34 weeks and they checked the babys lungs and they weren't ready so they stopped the labor gave her some steroids and put her on bed rest, and a week later she had her 4 lbs 12 oz baby, she was fine and went home the next day, but with her last baby she went into labor at 34 weeks and they didn't try to stop it and they didn't check to see if her lungs were mature, she was born at 4 lbs and 11 oz, had to go to the NICU for 2 weeks and still has problems with her lungs at 7 months old, so if you go into early labor I would insist that they check the lungs for maturity


Lala - June 13

Does a month-and-a-half early REALLY sound good enough to you?


torbman - June 13

LoriAnn, my water broke at 31 weeks, and I will be 34 weeks on friday. I will also be going in for induction on that day. This is my third, but the first early one. I was told by my doc that babies can come out this early just as healthy as 37 weekers do. I'll let you know friday. :) (Tamara)


yas2000 - June 23

am i glad to hear this.... i am currently 32 weeks going on to 33. this is my 3rd baby. my first was born at 40+5 weeks at 9lb 6oz and it was a traumatic birth. and second at 38 weeks exactly (i helped it along as i was told he was another big one) hence i didnt want to have another huge baby and due to the trauma with my first i wanted to avoid a difficult birth idid everything i could to make sure he came at 38 weeks and he was perfect! his birth was perfect..he still came out at 8lb and 13 oz so almost 9lb!!! this baby now seems to be huge too in comarison to my other i am looking like i am way overdue..i am suffering alot now and can hardly maneuvre myself without panting and puffing and feeling the weight of this baby bearing down on me..i am extremely fed up, tired, cannot sleep and feel like i am going to explode..i am certain this baby is already past the 5lb stage as at 28 weeks i was old he was around 3lb 8oz.... i can still feel his limbs but at times i feel like there are more than one in there due to the size of him...i am currently moving home and city, am certain this baby is already quite healthy and am so wishing that he will come at 35 weeks the earliest! i am sure he will be around 7lb by then and that would be heaven for me to push i got my dates right....i look huge and feel pain in the pelvic area, as well as have started to get diarrhea. i am hoping these are the signs...i will start my hot baths and squatting from weeks 36 if nothing happenes by i wrong to feel this impatient and desperate should i worry if the baby decides to appear now????in so msny ways i wish he would!!!! i am having a growth scan on wednesday to see the size of him...i am hoping they tell me he is about 7 lb if not little more or less...then i will pray he comes early!!!


TRESSA - June 29

I have as a result of a car accident. I can say that my water was broke for 10 days before actual delivery, because baby was in no danger and every day meant more lung developement. If you can avoid it please do. Do anything you have to bedrest. I did not get to enjoy her like I did my otheer children. The nurses saw her quiet a bit more than I did, and the stress was unbareable of what if. In my case God truly did a miracle, but not all outcomes are as good as ours. Other babies remained very sick after we went home.


torbman - July 1

Well LoriAnn, thought that I would report. It has been awhile, but on June 16th I gave birth at 34 weeks to a very healthy 4 lb 11 ounce boy. He required no oxygen, however when my water broke at 31 weeks, I was given steriod shots also. He had a bit of a blood sugar problem but they say that that happens with babies that early. It was taken care of by the next day, and a bit jaundice. Otherwise very healthy and was able to come home earlier then the other babies. So hope all goes well with you, Take careTamara


tryingx3 - July 1

I am at risk for preterm labor and friends of mine who have had premies (one delivered at 35 wks, another 28 wks)....said to listen to the doctor and do everything you can to carry as long as possible....meds, bedrest, fluids, etc...


bigjul99 - November 13

I am currently at 33 weeks +4 and my blood sugar level is a little high, i was diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes, my doctor said that as a precaution i should take insulin shots, i am a little nervous...well actually i am very nervous, can anyone offer some advice? Susie



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