Anyone Have A Drug Free Labor

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SR - September 8

I would love to hear from women who did not use any type of drug/medicine during did you cope with the pain, and would you recommend it??


Aisha - September 8

I had one with my last son. I stayed at home for as long as i could and just breathed, laid on the floor, rocked did whatever I could to alleviate the pain. I went into the bath also and tried to nurse the contractions there. I went to the hospital when i felt i couldnt handle the pain anymore. When I got there I literally was sitting in triage waiting tobe seen with severe contractions and when i felt the urge to push i told the nurse on duty. She told me not to push and they examined me. I was fully dialated and pushed him in about 20 minutes.. He was a 10lb 6 baby. I would recommend a drug free labor. I recovered within a few days as opposed to the way I felt with my first 2,.


miranda - September 8

Personally, my first labor was not drug free as I was induced for hypertention and got stuck at 7 cm. I would not recommend MY delivery, but I would my sister's, who went without any pain relief and had far less complications and went much more quickly than I did. She said the only part that really hurt was transition, and she was only really uncomfortable for about an hour an a half. She pushed for 1 minutes. Oh, and she did have pitocin, too, which is supposed to make it hurt much worse. Hope this helps. I am planning on not having any intervention this time. Good luck!


miranda - September 8

correction - she pushed for 15 minutes, I meant to say.


Confused - September 8

My first four children are all adults (except the youngest, who is almost 17 years old). Having pain relief when I had them was basically unheard of. I had a couple paracervical blocks (all you could hope for back then, unless some type of intervention had to be done, as happened when my first child had to be taken by forceps), so I know what it's like to have no medication, and to be induced. If "no meds" is the route you wish to go, I wish you the best of luck, but personally I find no shame in asking for pain relief meds. I hope to have an epidural this time (I'm pregnant with my fifth child).


Alisha - September 8

I had a drug free labor in january with my son. Not by choice. They told me I wasn't in labor and sent me home. Well to make a long story short, I was in labor and almost had him at home and it was awful. If you would like to read the details see "In labor and sent home" under this category. Thats me. I wanted an epidural. Next time Im getting one. No one should have to experience that pain.


Nicole - September 8

I have had two kids and had pain medication through my IV. The first one I did not feel a thing, I guess they gave me more medication than the second. On the second one they gave me a half a milligram of Stadol when they broke my water at 5:30 and had her at 6:48, the pain was there, but it was not unbearable. I've know people that have had epidurals, regular pain med. and no medication at all. I would say that if you can have the baby with nothing then do it, but if not go for the pain medication in the IV. I chose not to have the epidural because I wanted to be able to move around after I had her and not be num from the waste down. Everyones deliveries are different and everyones pain tolerance is different so you do what feels right for you. Good Luck.


Nelly - September 10

I had my first with an epidural and my second naturally its a long story why so I will make it short. I was in the early stages of labor and my doctor sent me home. I went into hard labor at home and went to the hospital and I was a 7 and they called the anasteologist and he was an hour late I was a 9 when he got there and the epidural did not work and I had my daughter naturally and it was excruating pain and I am glad I will never have to go through it again. I could not cope with the pain there was nothing that I could do to get my mind off of it and my memory is a blurr from the whole terible experience. But one reason mine was so terrible was bc my nurses and doctor were very mean to me and acted like I was not hurting as bad as I was and they would act like I was a total idiot but they were the ones left feeling like idiots bc I proved them wrong about everything.


April - September 11

I had both of my children without drugs at home. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I chose a home birth because birth is a natural experience. Women have been having babies for thousands of years. Our bodies know what to do if we just give them a chance. I know that if I had had my kids in the hospital I would probably have asked for meds because childbirth hurts. Sometimes it hurts a lot, but it is pain with a purpose. Open your mind to it. Don’t fight it. It will hurt more if you fight it. Let it in and work with it. Feel you cervix opening with each contraction. Let it. With my second I was progressing slow until I realized I had to visualize my cervix opening. I was very vocal. I made my mouth open as wide as I wanted my cervix to be. With each contraction, getting wider and wider. It helped. I went from 5cm to 10cm and ready to push in 1.5 hours. When I was pushing with my second I had forgotten how much it burned. The skin stretched tight. My midwife reminding me that the harder I pushed the sooner it would be over! I had my second out in 17 min. My first it took me 1 hour. I was laying and pushing with the first. I didn’t have her until I got up into a supported squat and pushed. Squatting is a great position for pushing. For my contractions I used deep breathing just good deep breaths 4-5 seconds in, 4-5 seconds out. Mostly long ahhhh sounds accompanied my breath out. I liked sitting on an exercise ball and gently swaying. My husband was my rock. I needed him like never before. He was there for me the whole time. Holding my hand. I even sort of hung from him while pushing. Planning a drug free birth is a great thing. You might want to write down how you hope the birth to be. Show your husband/sister/mother the plan tell them you want to avoid meds. When women are in labour and the nurse suggests meds you might say yes when you really didn’t want to have any. If your family knows how strongly you feel then they can remind you about your plan when you need it most. But if you end up needing meds that’s is okay too. At least you will know you tried.


Julie - September 14

drug free is the way to go!! I had one with my first child and loved it and I am expecting a second in Nov. Just remember to listen to your body. Get into whatever positions work for you. I would suggest taking a bradley method cla__s and for sure hiring a doula if you are truly wanting a natural birth


swanofspeedys - September 14

I was always the drug free type,mind over matter,stay in control,that was until my fourth babies birth,i got the shock of my life,my fifth babies birth was also a drug free breeze,then baby number six knocked me once again into shock,i am now expecting my 7th much planned and wanted baby(they all were)---Due in may and well I am going to be keeping my mind open to drugs if needed----never forgive myself for being so arrogant and hurtfull with my past advice in words i would offer other females in the past regards to pain relief,i actually judged them as weak minded and annoying,i defo- learnt the hard way---


mom42 - September 20

Both of my labors were drug free. In both, I asked for drugs, but at that point in both, I was in transition and it was too late (my transitions, 6-10cm, lasted 15 mins and ~20 minutes). I am glad I didn't have drugs, because I was in control in my labors and had easy recoveries. I certainly understand how some women have them , though! I actually went into both determined to go "natural", but my trasitions were quick and painful, which led to me asking for drugs. Having a doula with my second baby was a huge help. She talked me into trying the jacuzzi, which helped me get into transition, and ultimately through it. Also, she is the one who saved me from the epidural the second time. I was begging for it and she talked the nurse into checking me first (she wanted to wait until after I got it, since she had just checked me) and found that I was 10cm. Otherwise, I would have gotten the epidural when I needed to push! As for coping, I used a lot of focusing and really went "internal".



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