Anyone Have A Positive Experience With Gas For Pain In Labor

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mandee25 - March 25

My local hospital only has drugs and gas for pain reduction during labor and I am seriously thinking of travelling 90 minutes to a different hospital that offers epidurals because I am extremely afraid of natural child birth. Has any of you ladies used Gas for pain reduction and had a good experience with it?


Jilloh - March 26

wow, i didn't know there were hospitals that way. As for me I am a first timer due in 5 days. At the hospital I am delievering at you have to pay for your epidural in advance (by 34 weeks). My doctor told me that its best to pay for the epidual and not use it then to want it and it not be available. Sorry I am of no help answering your question. I am already driving 1 hour to deliver cause the local hospital is not reccomended by anyone.


mandee25 - March 26

Thanks Jilloh. I am in Woodstock, NB Canada and I would prefer to go to the larger hospital in Fredericton where an epidural is more likely but not 100 per cent. It is a 45 min drive from my parents home so I think I will stay there with my husband when the time comes. Good luck on an easy and fast labor Jilloh!!!


chrissie - March 29

I have 2 children already and used gas only for pain...I would be more scared of an epidural than giving birth. Child birth is a natural process not an illness needing intervention. Trust in your bodies ability and yourself. You and your baby will be better off without drugs. Good-luck!


Cecille - March 29

I' m due very soon and plan on not using an epidural. I had 22 hrs. and 23 min. of labor with my first one and didn't use drugs of any kind. It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. Keep in mind that our bodies are more prepared for childbirth than we know. I was terrified the first time around. I'm not looking forward to the pain again but, you have your baby after all of that. I may sound crazy saying this but, it is the greatest experience you'll ever have ! I wish you luck !


elijahsmom - March 29

OH seriously if you can do it natural DO IT! I had some gas when I was 7cm had about two puffs of it and it just took the EDGE off...! I had a great experience with using nothing else...! Seriously I was more scared of getting an epidural then anything and hubby didnt want me to have drugs..but I didnt want to either. I was induced..BUT it aws still a great labor, short for being induced. 6hrs and He was here..! It was amazing. Your body just takes know when to do what and everything, when to push, when to breathed everything. Your adrenaline takes over..! It was an amazing labor and i think if you can do it then go for it! GAS really does help a lot but try not to use it for as long as possible. And he was a big boy 10lbs1oz! But seriously I would encourage you to just BREATHE when it happens for you taht is what gets you through it...breathing..! the nurses will tell you what to do and so will your hubby was a great coach! Seriously though the gas works...i only had two breaths before I had to start to push...and NO other drugs! You can do it and you will have the best labor if you do it that way.



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