Anyone Have An Issue With Due Dates

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Catrina - July 9

Hi everyone, I'm just curious if any of you have been through something similar to this or have any advice. My original due date was July 11, which is only 2 days from now, but I moved when I was around 4 months pregnant and the new doctor changed my due date to July 20, which is still 11 days away. My first due date was given to me during the 12 week scan, which I've been told is the most accurate one, plus I always measure a couple weeks ahead of the July 20th due date, which would put me right at the July 11th one. I know 11 days isn't that much where pregnancy is concerned and if the baby comes on her own I won't care which one it was, but I'm worried because everyone says if your baby stays inside past 42 weeks it can be dangerous. So what if the new doctor doesn't agree to induce me before I'm 42 weeks according to the July 20th due date? That would make me over 43 weeks according to the July 11th one! Am I silly to worry about this? If not, what do you all think I should do? It's so frustrating feeling like I can't be sure when I'm due! I'm either 39 weeks 5 days or 38 weeks 3 days!


sahmof3 - July 9

I tend to think that the July 11th is more correct, because my doctors always said the earlier the ultrasound, the more accurate, because in later ones fetus sizes begin to really vary! Either way, I think I'd insist on them monitoring you very closely if you get to what would be the 42 week mark of a July 11th due date. ps- my baby was due last year on July 10th (was a scheduled C on July 7th). Good luck and may you not make it to EITHER 42 week mark:)


Catrina - July 10

Thanks, sahmof! I was also told that the earlier the scan the more accurate, and I've been bringing up the diffence in the dates ever since I moved and they just b__w it off and say that 9 days doesn't make enough difference. I have a midwife appt tomorrow, which happens to be July 11, so I'm going to ask them if I can be induced a week past the July 20 date, instead of 2 weeks. I just hope they take me seriously!! Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll come sometime this week on her own! ;)


sahmof3 - July 10

Yeah, I don't know why they are so stubborn about changing dates. When I was preg w/ #3 I knew the exact day I conceived and an u/s confirmed it, but b/f the u/s the nurse had said my uterus was too high and I was too big to be 9 1/2 weeks and put down that I was 14 (or having twins). Even after the u/s confirmed it, they would never change it from appt. to appt. Finally, I went in when I was about 36 weeks, and the nurse (a different one) said, "Oh, I see here you are 40 weeks and scheduled for a c-section at 44 weeks!" She had figured out what was what and she got a good laugh out of that one. BTW, the reason he measured so big was that he was 10 lbs. 6 oz. 223/4"!!


Catrina - July 11

Wow thats funny! My fiance was 10lb 2oz when he was born, I hope none of mine are that big!!! I have said over and over again to them that I don't feel like July 20 is right but they just look at me like I'm stupid! I wouldn't be so sure except when I first got pregnant I was having abdominal pains so I went to the hospital and they did 3 internal scans on me over my first 7 weeks and each one they said that they estimated my due date between the 10th and 13th of July. That first internal scan took place when I was only 3 weeks so there probably wouldn't have been anything there yet if I was only a week and a half pregnant at the time! And then when I had my dating scan at 12 weeks they said July 11, which confirmed the earlier scans. Then I moved and they changed everything and disregarded all that previous information! Oh well. Today is my first due date!!! And I have a midwife appt as well, so I'm going in ready to argue for an earlier induction. I'll let you know how it goes! ;) By the way, are you pregnant now? If so, how far are you?


sahmof3 - July 11

Hope everything goes (went?) well at your appt. Did they say they'd induce early? To answer your question... no, I'm not pregnant, just popped onto this site out of curiousity and got hooked!! Finding I can answer a lot of the questions on here because I've had three kids and lots of experiences!!! My kids are 6 (boy), 2 1/2 (girl), and 1 (boy). They were all c-sections and I had my tubes tied with #3- so that's that- hehe. Anyway, best of luck to you... maybe I'll CU in the Postpartum room soon:)


Catrina - July 13

Hi again sahmof! Sorry it took so long to get back to you! Along with being so far pregnant, my sister-in-law is getting married Sat so we've been super busy this week with last minute stuff! When I had my appt, the midwife didn't take me seriously at first and she kept b__wing off everything I said but I started getting upset and I guess she could see that I wasn't going to let it go so she said at my appt next week (on Tues again) she would call the hospital and see if she could get me an appt to speak to them. I don't know what exactly that means but I guess I'll just wait and see how that goes! My appt Tues is the 18th, so that's 2 days before my 2nd due date. Maybe I'll get lucky and the baby will come on her own!! Thanks for all your advice! ;)


dedaa - July 13

My doctors did the same thing to me with my last pregnancy.I wondered about the same thing. Usually what they do is they will check you to make sure you are not losing water or anything if you go past your due date. They gave me non stress tests every 2 days to make sure everything was going okay with the baby and if they need to get labor started the ywill. try not to worry to much! Easier said then done I know.


Erin1979 - July 21

I would tend to go with the date that you figured out from your cycles. you know your body best. According to me, my dd should have been born Aug 28, but the u/s lady kept saying Sept.2...she was born Aug.25....I think my date was much closer.



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