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Kerri - February 3

I'm only 1 day past my due date, but my Dr. said if I make it to my appt. next week she'll schedule me to be induced. I've heard it makes labor more painful, but is that just because it takes you to the active labor phase that much quicker? Did anyone have any complications after being induced? Please share your stories or any knowledge you have of this for me. Thanks.


klm - February 3

I think it made my labor easier. I had been having bad braxton hicks and it took very little to get me to active labor, which total time spendt 4 hours and I pushed for 20 minutes. It hurt like hell when the contractions came full strength, they were 30 seconds apart and lasted 60 or more seconds so there was no recovery in between but I got an epideral and honestly felt nothing after that. I laid there and watched tv until she said I was 10 cm and to start pushing. I was nervous about it because I knew so many women who end up having to have a c-section when they were induced.


Bonnie - February 3

I was supposed to have a scheduled c-section because the baby had not dropped and doc thought him too big. But then my water broke and we decided to give labor a try. I was not contracting so they induced me with Pitocin. Now....I have nothing to compare it to as it was my first pregnancy. I had always heard the Pit made contractions worse so I was scared sh**less! But honestly, it wasn't a big deal. I did however get an epidural (wouldn't want to try that natural, lol). I had my epidural at 4 cm dialated, after that I was pain free! I also dialated from 5 cm to 9.5 cm in 30 minutes!! So that Pitocin works pretty d__ned fast! If you are getting an epidural you'll do just fine....................P.S. I DID end up having a c-section after pushing 2 and a half hours and baby wouldnt drop. My pelvis ended up beign too small. I actually enjoyed my c-section, heh. I felt no pain at all.


PhilaJenn - February 4

I was induced for my first pregnancy... I'm on baby # 2 now... but, anyway... I thought it was great... I'm actually hoping I get induced again... I found the whole inducing process, to be more controlled... Everything was on a time schedule... The nurses would check me... and increase the inducing agent... which is through an IV... The sucky part is once you're all hooked up... for example, IV... contraction monitor... heart rate monitor... you don't have the freedom to move around... You're confined to the bed... So, once my bladder filled... I had to be catherized (luckily that happened after the epidural -- I didn't feel a thing)... I'm kind of jumping around here... I was admitted at 3pm... and I didn't have my daughter until 3:37am... The pushing didn't start until about 2 or 2:30am... It wasn't bad at all... The pain wasn't bad at all... it was more pressure than anything... My only advice is to make sure you get plenty of rest and eat a good meal... because once they take you... it's ice chips until you give birth... And if you don't get enough rest... You're going to be EXHAUSTED...


TH - February 5

Being induced is a much better option in my opinon. My 1st & 3rd were induced & only last 3 hrs & 40 mins respectively. The birth in between wasnt induced & went for 12 hrs !! The pain is much the same either way it just comes alot quicker when u r induced. #4 is due soon & I will be askin for another induction LOL Good Luck


Laura - February 5

I was induced with my third not the first two. My first 2 labors lasted 6 hours start to finish. The time I was induced lasted 14 hours. Everyone's body takes it different. Good Luck All will go well!


JulieandNataleesmom - February 5

Hi this is my personal experiences so Im not saying it happens to everyone. I was induced with my 1st dd and I was in labor 19 hours and had an epidural b4 I felt any pain. I felt horrible the next few days and it took about a week for me to start feeling bettter. I went into labor on my own and had my 2nd dd drug free(not by choice it just happened so fast) and I felt wonderful as soon as she came out. An hour after I had her I went to the bathroom alone and was getting around great. I had an episitomy with her too and I was feeling great. I just feel the pitocin made me feel worse. Thats just me though. I got to experience both types of labor and delivery and my 2nd was the best as far as feeling better goes.


Gwen P - March 7

I was induced with a drug called pitocin this past Saturday. My Dr gave me the medicine at 8 am and my daughter was born 4 hours later. Yes it does take you to the active stage of labor quickly but no the labor was no more painful.


mama-beans - March 12

I was on Pitocin contracting regularly for 4 days before I finally made it to 3 cm.. they broke my water then and thinks sped up a bit. 5 hours later I was holding my DD.. but this time, there is NO WAY I will be induced. It was absolutely HORRIBLE for me.. all the monitors hooked up, I couldn't get in the tub because of them, hard to walk around to encourage contractions when you're dragging a drip line behind you.. It was just plain aweful.


claire - March 13

the doctor is watching me because of the possibility of toxemia, and induction came into conversation. He said that it really depends on your cervix. If it's getting ready .. effacing, and dialating, it should be an easier labor. but if your cervix isn't very competent, then he said it would end up being a long and painful labor. He also said, that they wouldn't induce unless it looked like it was fully necessary. hope this helps. good luck.



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