Anyone Planning Natural Childbirth

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KelyFranz - February 14

I intend to deliver my baby without any medication. I am aware that this will hurt... badly. If things get really bad, I will use medication, but I will not have an epidural. When I tell people this, I am met with intense opposition. My brother's wife thinks I'm an idiot and my MIL can't understand why I wouldn't use medication if it's available to me. I am not saying that women who have epidurals are bad or wrong, I don't immediately jump down the throat of a woman who says she is using an epidural. It just seems to me that when I say I'm not going to have one, anyone who has or is planning to have an epidural is immediately offended and has to lambaste me for not wanting one. My husband has told me that he thinks it's best to not discuss the issue with his family, which I am trying, but it's hard when people ask. My reasons for not using one are personal. I don't feel I need to explain myself but I am just sick and tired of being treated like I'm so stupid and uneducated (because I've actually done a lot of reading on the subject and I've had many discussions with my doc). Do any of you ladies have advice on how you dealt with a natural childbirth? I'd love to talk to ladies who support my decision. Thanks.


Steph - February 14

I'm planning on doing the same thing. I have had a baby before, and I had an epidural, but this time I'd like to see what I can do naturally. Sounds weird I guess, but the actual pushing with my daughter only lasted 5-7 pushes and I was in labor all day long, but was not able to feel the contractions until my water broke which was at 3:00 p.m. I ended up having my daughter at 6:44 p.m. I'm hopeful that this baby will be such a short labor as well, and my doctor seems to think that it will be and possibly shorter as your supposed to have shorter labors with each baby, so we'll see. Anways, good for you on your decision and don't let others make you feel stupid for it.


Chan - February 14

I had my first son natural, not by choice. I wanted an epidural, but from the time my water broke to the time I delivered was 5 hours total so it was to late. It was very painful, but I am glad that I did it natural and now I am pregnant again and planning to have another natural delivery. Now that I think about it I don't want anything messing with my spine. Very scary!! Thats just my opinion. People think I'm crazy too when I tell them I going to have another natural delivery. Actually I want to have a water birth.


KelyFranz - February 14

You know, I haven't looked into a water birth, but I'm very interested. Can you give me any details on it? Some people say that warm water slows down your labor... is that true? My mom did not have any labor with me, she had her first contraction and then 45 minutes later I was born. I PRAY for genetics to pa__s along that to me!!


martha - February 14

I just want to say that this is my first child, and I would like to see how far I can get w/o med's. I am going to be openminded, and if I feel like I cant go on....I will ask for something. My SIL had both of hers natural, but never really talks about it, and my mom had me naturally (not by choice). Her labor with me was only 2hours. she said she was sitting up in the bed and the anasthesiologist was about to administer the epidural when I started sliding out!! I was her second child, and she had an epidural with my sister. It really is a personal choice. I mentioned to one of my best friends what I wanted to do, and she acted like I was stupid and crazy. I just said if I can handle it......why do I want to take the drugs. I am the type of person who likes to keep things simple, and I feel like getting all kinds of medical intervention complicates things, and will actually make me have to stay in the hospital they will have to spend more time to examin the baby after birth. I really dont think its bad to have a epidural.......this is just my personal choice. I wish you well, and dont worry about what others say b/c you are doing what is best for you and your baby.


Steph - February 14

Genetics can play a HUGE part in your laboring. My mom was the same, and was quicker and quicker with each child. I thought about water birth, but I just don't think it's for me. My neighbor had both of her kids that way and swears by it, but I'm not that comftorable with it. The warm water is supposed to be wonderful for you to labor in and your dh gets to be in the water with you and "catch" the baby when it's born. The baby is usually underwater for a few seconds and then brought to the surface. Just not for me I don't think. :o)


Elliott - February 14

Hey Steph, Good to see another med-free mama. My wife is due... today actually, and we plan on having a natural birth. Yes, it could be painful, but with the right preperaion, you can greatly reduce the amount of pain through various relaxation excercises. I would recomend checking out Robert Bradley's book "Husband Coached Childbirth" or fionding a Bradley instructor in your area.


rl - February 15

Just wanted to say good luck and hang in there I just had my 3rd boy Jan 11th med free all three of them not by choice just no time for the meds have quick labors ha ha lol but it can be done and the hurt goes away soon enough this is my last one and boy it was a bit painfull seemingly more than the other two mostly just when he came out I wanted to die at that time ha ha lol but now he is 5wks old i can't even remember how bad it hurt well good luck...and best wishes for a great delivery!!


Chan - February 15

KelyFranz, I really don't know much about water births either. I am going to talk to my midwife about it in a few weeks. I have just seen a lot of them on t.v and the women seem so relaxed. Yes I think genetics play a huge roll. My mom had all 3 of us within 5 hours, and I had my son in 5 hours, so midwife think this new baby will come sooner!! She said I need to get to the hospital ASAP.


KelyFranz - February 15

This is my first pregnancy so when I say that I'm going natural people shake their heads and laugh. Then they say something stupid like "thats what you say now" or "you're so naive." Of course I realize that childbirth is painful, but no one ever dies from the pain. I'm not trying to be tough, but I think it's best not to expose my baby to the toxicity of any meds. When I say that, I am not saying that women who do use meds are poisioning their babies or doing the wrong thing. I feel that for myself this is the best option. Anyway, I'd love to hear more natural delivery stories or from women who are planning on going natural.


alasc - February 16

I have had three children. I did not use medication with my deliveries. If you are focused you can do it! No drugs are not for everyone. Everyone has a different pain tollerance. Focus and relax. You will do great!


KelyFranz - February 16

I will definitely be looking into a water birth now. Thanks so much for the advice! It's so nice to have people agree with me!


pbj - February 16

I did not have a natural birth, but started my pregnancy looking into options. I chickened out because I back labored really, really bad...I had horrible contractions at 1 cm...I don't believe that is normal. Don't let anyone barade you for wanting a natural birth. You have to feel comfortable with the way in which you choose to give birth...if not it will be a miserable experience for you...medicated or not. When MIL insults you just tell her that you are going to do what's right for you and your sound as if you have an open mind about it and that's the best way to go in to it. Whatever you decide to do, you and only you have to feel comfortable with it...noone else is pushing your baby out. Good Luck!


divachic_136 - February 16

I am in the same boat you are in. When I tell people that I plan on going natural and not take any medication unless I have to..they laugh and say, "OK, you say that now." My fiance' supports my decision and so does my family and his. I say forget what everybody says and have that baby without medication. Good Luck!!!


Chan - February 17

I had really BAD back labor too. My husband, mom and dad were all rubbing my back so hard, I thought I was going to have burns on my back. I didn't though. back labor is the worse!!!!!


falafal0 - February 17

I have three children, two of them natural. I have fast labours and basically the last two times didn't have chance for anything even if I wanted it! Like your mother, I too had my daughter in 45 min, from the first pain. This time around, I am planning a home birth (not even going to try to get to the hospital with the last nightmare car race) and totally natural. My first labour was only just over 5 hours, then 2 hours, then 45 minutes. Who knows this time?? Water birth is something that I've heard nothing but wonderful birth stories about so I am looking into it. I believe alot of pain during labour an be controlled by your mind, it's SO powerful. I'm supised that the women in your family and extended WOULDN'T support your decision to have a natural birth, especially as it is better for the baby. But, each to their own I guess. :) If someone feels that strongly about what YOU decide to do during labour, just don't talk about it again with them. It's got nothing to do with them, it's your decision and yours only, your body, you kow how much you can handle, they won't be having the baby for you, now will they?! Look into all of your options, TENS machines, whatever you've heard about. Good luck...


green - February 20

there was a thread on waterbirth awhile back, I'll see if I can find it for you and bump it up



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