Anyone Thought About Water Birthing

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Jo - October 10

I was just wondering if any of you have heard anything on it or know someone who has tried this. I heard it was easier on both mom and baby and would like to know more.


twist - October 15

I plan on having a water-birth. I don't know anyone who has actually given birth in water, but my best friend told me that when she was having her third baby, the thing that worked better than any conventional painkiller like gas or pethidine, was being in a bath with bubbles. She got in when the contractions were getting too painful to bear, and for every contraction the midwife would turn the bubbles on. She said it made the pain much more bearable and took away the heaviness of being pregnant. I have been given a pamphlet by my midwife about water birth, and the more I read about it, the better it sounds. Apparently, being in the water relaxes you and that causes the natural painkillers (endorphins) to be released. There is less chance of the need for an episiotomy as well, because the warm water relaxes the perinium. Just before the baby is born, they heat the water to the temperature of the amniotic fluid and keep the lighting dim, so when baby comes out, it's not a huge shock and most babies born in water are calm and eager to latch onto the b___st straight away. I had worried that baby might drown, but because he/she is still attached to the cord and will already have developed the reflex that controls breathing and swallowing, that won't happen.


babi - October 16

but u cant have a water birth and epidural can u


laura - October 17

I had a water birth with my boy, was really good, kept upright..well on knees and as soon as midwife poured water on my lower back i just popped young sproggy out!! i also took rasbery leaf tea capsuals, which apparantly make it quicker and easier..i am preggers again and will deffo not take the risk of not using them! want a water birth this time too, but in malta now!!so who knows+? hope i have been of some help!! yes do it!


twist - October 17

no babi, you can't have a water birth and epidural. I have heard though, that water birth is natures' epidural and that the pain relief is almost as good, without the loss of control.


twist - October 20

Laura, it was great to hear how water birth worked for you. Every time I find any information on it, it just strengthens my resolve to have my baby this way. It has made me feel relaxed in the last few weeks of pregnancy, not scared about the upcoming labour(19 days to go). I also take raspberry leaf, as a tea, and I feel positive that will help as well.


laura - October 20

Hi twist, honest..if you can..but no matter what just get excited about the birth..people think i am mad but i loved birthing bit..just stay positive and try keep the thought of every other mummy doing the same! so you know why it's all good luck, please let me know how you got on!! xxx


Oz - October 23

Only a couple of weeks to go twist before you have your baby. Please let us know how the water birth goes for you.


twist - October 26

I'll definitely let you know when baby arrives how it was. 12 days to go, but could be still 3-1/2 weeks yet! Summer has come early and it is soooo hot, so I'm quite ready now, if baby will just come to the party. My heart is set on a water birth, but I'm very aware that labour is something that will set it's own course, and I'm prepared for a last-minute change of plans. Here's hoping baby decides to come early!


lisa - October 27

id like a waterbirth but my baby is 5 days late andi may have to get induced, cos i cant wait anylonger.


Steph - October 27

My neighbor had both of her children via water births and swears by them...she has nothing but good things to say about it, and I have considered it, but I think I am going to stick with the conventional hospital birth...she has tried to change my mind, and maybe later I may, but at this point, I'm gonna pa__s. Please let us know how your experience went (to those who choose it). It would be really helpful to hear from others.


twist - November 7

Well, today was to be my babies' due-date, but he decided to arrive 8 days ago on Halloween, and what a wonderful experience! He came out after just 35 minutes of pushing, and I had just a little grazing. I would definitely recommend water-birth, or even just being in water during later labour for pain relief, I needed nothing else. I had also taken different homeopathic and herbal remedies recommended by my midwife, so I am sure this had something to do with my easy birth. Active labour started at 4:30pm, my son was born at 10:15pm and this was my first. I didn't even realise how far along my labour was, the pain wasn't very intense until about 2 hours before he was born.


oz - November 13

congratulations Twist!


loopy - November 13

Great twist that is excellent, i am actually dying to have my next one in water again! but i am in malta...babs is due in happy for you xx all the best! laura



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