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Ready - October 11

Just wondering if anyone has tried brown sugar and it has really worked. They say half a cup of hot water and four big tablespoons of brown sugar. let it cool and drink it. I tried it and I will let you ladies know if it works for me.


jen - October 11

I tried it yesterday, they say it takes 48 hours to work. I have been having a little back pain and some cramping, we will see what happens and I shall let you know.


NG - October 11

Worth a try, I love the tase of brown sugar


jen - October 12

Well it seems to be working, I lost mucus today and have had some cramping and I saw the doc today and he said the baby has dropped even more, he said it could be a couple of days. yeah. Pray for me, that he comes soon. Good luck. NG


Robin - October 20

Hi jen I iwanted to know if it worked for you.


kim j - October 20

i willbe trying this... hope it works for all of us. i am 37 weeks but measuring 41 weeks. they say baby is healthy and ready to come but they will not induce. i was thinking about trying the rasberry tea and evening primrose.. any suggestion???


lisa - October 20

i tried it over a week ago, it was gross and didnt do anything, im 40 weeks on sat and still preggers!


jamie - October 21

I tried it yesterday. OOOOOW!!! It was worse than casor oil, which I did w/ my first, (and it worked, but maybe I was just ready.) Soooo grose, and nothing happened. Oow, Oow, Oow...


suzan - October 21

hey what is it supposed to work for? inducing labor? just curious


daisy - October 23

Well even if these methods dont bring on labour at least it keeps us occupied, so today ill try the brown sugar, attack the poor man sleeping upstairs who's trying very hard to aviod s_x with this now very large lady, go for a walk, have a hot bath with clary sage oil and gobble a handful of raspberry leaf tablets !! Let yo uknow if any joy, good luck ladies xx


NG - October 24

I have tried the brown sugar and it did not do a thing apart from raise my sugar levels and than drop them fast so I felt like c___p. I am taking evening primrose tabs 3x a day I have read that they help to enface. I have tried walking and have been drinking rasberry tea from 30 weeks. How are you Jen ? has anything worked?


lisa - October 25

ive tried the brown sugar thing twice now, last night was the last, im 4 days overdue but nothing seems to work. ive been taking rasp leaf tea since 33 weeks 3-4 cups a day 2 times rasp leaf tablets since 3 weeks ago per day, evening primrose oil 1-2 1000mg tablets daily, inserted them into v____a at night too several times, ive been taking caulyphyllum (blue cosh) on recomendation on my midwife, 3 times daily tablets, walked, had s_x, ate hot foods, used castor oil (just gave me diorreha and sore bum, ive eaten two pinaples in a day, a bag of licorice, hot baths, clary sage oil in bath and ma__sage into bump with plain oil, nipple stimulation........ i could go on, i still keep trying though, im so tiard of being pregnant and want to meet my baby, its got to be ready by now...... any more ideas????


Jodie - October 25

I have heard of another way, apparently the hormone that ripens the cervix that is in s____n is 10 times more effective if taken orally, i have not tried this method yet but if this baby is not here by next week i may just get desperate enough to try it, something my man is looking forward too


daisy - October 26

yes i've heard this and made the mistake of telling the other half, like you i'm going to wait till next week before taking this drastic action ! Nothing else seems to be working xx



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