Anyone Tried Castor Oil

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lianne - June 12

hi ladies...i am almost 40 weeks (2 days shy), and was wondering if anyone tried using castor oil, to enduce labor? i have just drank some, and if anything, it will just empty my bowels, but i have tried everything else, from eating spicy foods, to having s_x, and nothing has helped. i am so terriably uncomfortable, and i just wanted any feedback that i could get from you about this. i do also know the risks, so i would appreciate any negative comments to be left unsaid. also, i am 2 days shy of my 40th week, so i dont think that i am jumping the gun by wanting to be done being pregnant if that makes sense at all. let me know what you think. thank you ladies.


Mommy_Erin23 - June 13

Hi there. Well I tried castor oil three times, once with my daughter, which I had the next day and twice with this pregnancy, and nothing happened. Every time it made me go to the bathroom, which is the idea I geuss, but who knows if it actually worked with my daughter, or if there were other factors present. I am almost 42wks now and am going to try again (I did it the last time at 40wks) I'll let you know. Hopefully you'll have your babe soon and wont need to try :)


babysoon - June 14

I wouldn't try castor oil personally. I've heard it can make for a very messy delivery. And I'm sure delivery is already messy enough v____ally. If I had to try any of these 'trying-to-induce-labor-rituals', it'd have to be ma__sing my b___sts/nipples. But I've heard it can cause severe contractions. I'd just wait it out naturally to be safe. good luck though!


babysoon - June 14

I meant to say : "it'd have to be ma__saging my b___sts/nipples. "


bbelmore - June 15

I tried it, and prunes and pineapple and raspberry leaf tea, I was still eight days overdue.


lianne - June 15

thanks for getting back to me...fortunatly for me it worked...that night! i had the baby at 115 am on the 13th! i appreciate your responses.



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