Anyone Try Natural Labor Or Hypno Birthing

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jessielouwho - October 19

Has anyone tried hypno-birthing? I'm a first time mom and I'm trying to weigh all the options. I've read alot of posts about pain relievers and epidurals but I haven't seen any on natural or hypno-birthing. I'd like to hear about some experiences with it. Thanks.


Jennifer - October 20

I have a friend who did hypnobirthing and it worked for her. She said she felt pressure, but no real pain throughout her long labor. I am planning to use it in our delivery (40 weeks and 4 days today), but just heard about Hypnobabies and have read that it might be more effective. I have heard great things about their home study course. Best of luck to you.


R - October 23

I was so happy to see this post. I started reading up on hypno birthing a while ago and have been amazed it hasnt come up in this forum as it sounds so wonderful. We are planning to start ttc early next year but i like being prepared so i am doing all the research now and hypno-birthing seems great. Would love to hear how it goes for you Jennifer as it sounds like it wont be long for you to try it :)


Bump - October 28



nicole - October 30

I have had two 100%natural births. My first son was 10lbs2oz and my second son was 8lbs2oz. I loved it. I felt so good after the birth. I felt I did something that has been done for hundreds of years but is slowly becomeing less common. It was painful at times but if you stay focused on the prize (and the bragging rights) it is so worth it. It seems all is well after the birth and you don't have to worry about all the side effects of drugs and stuff.


bump - November 13



Olivene - November 13

R- I'm exactly where you are with this-not even pregnant yet. I have a friend who is going to hypno cla__ses. It's very exciting! Jennifer, come back and tell us how it went!


Sita - November 14

Hi, this isnt so much about hypnobirthing but just thought Id share it. Im 36 weeks with my first and am planning a water birth. Here in New Zealand, epidurals dont seem to be had so commonly as in the US. I have lots of friends who have had thier babies naturally, without drugs or painkillers and have had very manageable births. I havent thought about hypnobirthing but its always an option. My mother had us four kids naturally w/o any drugs and is always encouraging me by saying 'birth is a natural process and your body can do it '. I believe these days so many women underestimate the capability of thier bodies and are too scared to try any other options. Good luck with your labour !! Let us know how it goes!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 14

I'm not sure what hypno birthing is, but I had no drugs when I delivered my son 13 weeks ago. I was able to work with my body and did not want any drugs. It was really painful but I am so glad I did it and would definitely do it again.


Emma - November 16

I did a natural waterbirth and used Hypnobabies. I really believe the Hypnobabies helped keep me relaxed and focused as well as prpoper breathing during my labor. My baby was delivered in the water though I am not sure if that made labor easier because he is my first, but all in all for it being a natural birth it was a wonderful experience and highly recommend it if possible. If you have any questions just ask.


HH - November 17

Emma, Where did you have your water birth- what country? A hospital or where? I am very interested!


Emma - November 17

I live in Tampa Florida and had my baby at a place called Labor of Love.


Emma - November 17

Oops I forgot to say that Labor of Love is a birthing center with midwives.


nexy - November 18

jessie, i have given birth to 5 children and i had them all natural, no kind of medication. i find it to go faster and easier, its painful but it doesnt last for ever, you can do it! i wish you the best of luck just remember to breathe and concentrate and relax your body.


twist - November 18

Sita, I am in New Zealand also, and had my baby by waterbirth three weeks ago. I had no other painkillers and he was born after just 35 minutes of pushing. I was almost fully dilated by the time the bath was full, and I couldn't wait to get into it! The warm water relaxes you so much, it's unbelievable.


Sita - November 20

Hi Twist, thats great that you had a good labour. Was it your first? Im really looking forward to having my labour in water.My midwife said its best not to get in until your at least halfway dilated.. (something about it slowing down contractions if you get in too early) were you told this, and how did you cope with the first half of labour?


twist - November 20

Hi Sita, yes this is my first baby, and my midwife told me that I shouldn't get into the water till about 7cm dilated or so, because the warm water makes you really tired more quickly, not leaving enough energy for pushing. I took a few herbal and homoepathic remedies in the weeks leading up to the birth, all recommended by my midwife. I'm positive that had a lot to do with my easy labour, although others have been skeptical about it. In the first haIf of labour I wasn't even sure it was the real thing because the pain was only like a strong menstrual cramp, and the contractions weren't becoming more intense or more regular. I didn't really feel like it was getting unbearable till about 2 hours before my son was born. I started breathing through the contractions early on, even when they weren't very strong, and that could have helped a lot. I have been told the most important thing is to relax and breathe well (easier said than done for a lot of women) as that releases endorphins for natural pain relief, whereas if you tense up you release adrenalin which makes the pain worse. Kneeling on the floor leaning on a pile of cushions on the couch helped in the later stages, and moving around between contractions helped a lot as well. I also took a couple of warm showers, (a bath is better if you have one) and put a hot water bottle on my back. The heat almost completely took away the pain, so I thought I was having false labour. When we finally went to the hospital, the contractions were only just becoming regular and more intense, and I was already 9cm dilated. I really was expecting it to be so much more painful. I can't say for certain what made my birth so easy, probably a combination of different things. I think the key is to relax and ride out the pain by breathing through it. You must only have a couple of weeks to go now. Let me know how you're getting on, I really hope all goes well for you. Remember, like your Mother said, your body can do it.



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