Are Epidurals Painful

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Laura - May 27

I am also a baby about needles in my back, so what I did when I had my daughter 2 years ago is, I had them give me a painkiller shot to make me "out of it" a tad, then had the epidural. So when my shot wore off the epidural was kicked in. This worked for me and I hope to use this same method again if I EVER deliver my son (currently 39 weeks and counting). Hope this helps.


Stacey - May 30

Nikki, people love to give you horror stories @ birth. I was so nervous about an epidural with my first child because I don't like needles either, but then was amazed that I hardly felt a thing.....with the needle or the contractions that followed.


Sara - May 30

I have had 2 epidurals and they are really not that painful, you do need to be still and follow instructions carefully while receiving one though, you do feel a sting and you can feel the needle in your back somewhat while it is going in but its real quick and I think worth it in the long run, pain of labor is not as intense. Hope this helps you out, this is my experience at least, I guess everyone is different though, good luck!


muneca - May 31

i had one done for a c-section and trust me it hurts alot less than the i.v. they put in your hand.and the needle is so small.


Amber - June 4

The only pain I felt with them putting the epidural in, was like a little pinch or a beesting when they put the local pain numbing meds in. Otherwise, I didn't feel a thing! But I wouldnt advise getting one... I've had back problems ever since, and also wasnt able to feel my contractions during the pushing phase which led to a longer labor, tons of stretch marks (from pushing so hard), 28 st_tches, and a broken tailbone.


Kiki-Bee - June 4

When I had my epidural I was so focused on the pain I was already in that I really didn't even notice much of the actual epidural. There are some down falls though. You can have some back pains down the road and if your labor is too far advanced for it, the epidural won't work correctly. I was too far along with my labor when I got mine so the epidural only worked on the right side of my body. So, I was half relieved but I still felt all of the pain on my left side. You'll be so focused on what's going on with your labor that you probably won't even feel the needle. Really. Good luck to you!


C - June 4

I just remember it taking forever to insert and they want you to curl your back. I was like HELLO I have a huge ball in my belly, how can I curl/arch my back. Also, if you get a contraction during it, it sucks. I don't remember it being painful compared to the actual contractions. No worse than any other shot or needle. If your contractions are bad, you'll welcome the pain of the epidural. As for the effectiveness, it was great. It pretty much took away the pain of the contractions. Pushing still sucked for me. I'm not sure if it wore off or what. I never did it without an epidural so I'm not sure what pushing normally feels like. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones and not need an epidural!


toni - June 5

i swore i was gonna be a real woman and do it naturally, but once in labor, i quickly changed my mind. i was in so much pain from the contractions, i don't even remember feeling anything when they inserted the needle. the doctor was explaining everything as he went and i finally told him to just shut up and get it done! there's no pain like contractions, so a needle in the back will go unnoticed.


shorty_7348 - May 25

does an epidural hurt when removed...and when is it removed? i'm also worried about having to have they hurt too? please help!


skylite - May 25

Shorty.... Epidurals do not hurt, well at least my perspective, they do numb you before thay actually do it, and all that is left in you is a baby tube, they do not hurt when removed, because after the baby you will still be kind of numb, or at least what I remember I don't remember anything...LOL I had to get stiches, but mine just desolved in time, so you really don't feel them at all, its just obviously uncomfortable once the numbness wears off....


Kim L - June 3

Hi Shorty! I see you've revived this thread. :) I didn't get an epidural until I was 9 centimeters. I was GBS positive, was fully dilated 30 minutes after I got to the hospital and needed some time to get my penicillin in for baby. At 9 cm dilated all you can feel is ma__sive contraction, so I didn't feel the needle at all - even with having it reinserted several times (some weird liagment keeping it from going in the right spot). The next 3 hours waiitng for my penicillin drip to finish up was WONDERFUL. Easily the best experience of my life. After that, 15 minutes of pushing and out she came! I can't wait to do it again. If they are all like this i may have 100! ;) Good luck to you!!


elishevah - June 7

The pain from the insertion of the epidural is not bad- I would describe it as a cold pinch on your back, then numb pressure- Be forewarned though- if you have existing back problems or scoliosis you will more than likely experience some bad after effects from the epidural. This is because your nerves and ligaments will not be in the place that normal people w/o back problems have them. I have mild scoliosis & they had to go an inch to the right to get to my spine & give me the epi. Afterward it made me tired, shaky, and cold. My mother who also had back problems got an epidural during yher last pregnancy & her right leg was frozen & she couldn't walk for 3 days after giving birth. If you have a pre-existing condition, pleasr let the anesthiologist know before they put the needle in!


Clairesmommy - June 8

I gave birth 6 months ago--epidurals are well worth it. Unfortunately in my case, my epidural wore off..twice. I had to have a new line put in at 6 cm after multiple boosters. It wore off completely by 9 cm and had completely natural birth at that point. The needle is nothing. Don't worry about it, you'll be fine. Just concentrate on getting that baby out at all costs :)


Kayla_1605 - June 8

It was MY owrst fear! I normally pa__s out from needles! But honestly your in so much pain you just want relief! I had the labor shakes while i was getting mine & was terrified but then he said "all done" I was what that was it?! THANK GOD


Kim L - June 8

Yes Kayla! Isn't that the truth? I wanted to go without one because I was so nervous about the big needle. I would have put it in myself at the point of labor I was in!!! ;) I felt like such hero when it was finally in!!


michamum - June 9

I went through labour until I was about 9cms dilated, and then I had the epidural, because I was in so much pain and exhausted with the contractions, the epidural was like heaven! It was very effective for me.



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