Are These Early Signs Of Labor

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Jessie - November 14

oh please say a lil over 37 weeks and im so uncomfordable and tired and i just want this baby outa me!!! I feel kinda like i have the im really achey and i've got a headache and im REALLY tired....i've felt like this for a few days now..i'd say since like friday night and now its monday..before that i kept having the urge to clean my toilet...and i dreamed about it...but i've just been to tired to get up and get anything done....i've been have a little bit of cramping in my lower stomach and pains in my back..but nothing consistant..and i've been going to the bathroom like 8 times in one hour. My whole pregnancy i've been constipated and that finially went away starting friday...My mom thinks i will be in labor by tonight..i sure hope shes are these signs i may go into labor soon?? i havn't seen "a show" and i doubt i will...please give me some advice..


impatientMamma - November 14

Well, let me know what you find out because, girl, I'm wearing your shoes EXACTLY (symptoms identical) as I lie on the couch at almost 38 weeks and lazily type this post. I'll let you know if I learn anything.


Jessie - November 14

well i found this site and it said that dropping, lower back ache, frequent urination, diareah, strong braxtonhicks, increased v____al discharge, bloody show, and water breaking...are the first signs that labor is near.....and i've got like 5 outa those just a hopeing...*sigh*


MC - November 14

I was the same, only I'm effaced and dilated, yet I'm still waiting weeks later.


impatientMamma - November 14

Thanks Jessie. Let me know what happens tonight. Of course, I doln't have the big signs: Braxton Hicks, Bloody show or water breaking. SO... I'm guessing that my symptoms are really obscure, so I'm trying not to get too hopeful. Good luck ladies. We don't have too much longer regardless!!! It WILL happen.


Alissa - November 14

Hey girls not to burst you bubble or anything but im 38 weeks and I have been having all of those symptoms for about 2 or 3 weeks now you never know when its going to come some people its fast and some people like me its slow so good luck to all of you I really hope you go alot fast than me because let me tell you the last few weeks really suck.


Jessie - November 15

Im starting to think i will be pregnant forever....*sigh*...My bf is a....well im not going to say what he is because it would be very mean...He left me at school and expected me to walk home with a 35lb bookbag at almost 38 weeks pregnant...i mean i know the walking is probably good for me...but not with 35 lbs on my back...Im so p__sed right now...if i do go into this point in time...i think i might kill him if he shows up at the hospital...hmm well maybe just hurt him really bad...hey we will be at a hospital right? PLEASE LABOR COME!!! AHHHH this is so stressful...i wish she would just come out..!!!!


impatientMamma - November 15

We just have to remember that it HAS to happen over the next few weeks. I'm not a very patient person, and I'm a HUGE control freak. SO.. this DOES NOT come easily for me. I may resort to castor oil next week... maybe not.... I think we should write daily on our progress.


impatientMamma - November 16

I'm still here. I had diarreah this morning. ..funny how i was happy by it, but i don't think it meant anytihing this time. :( darn. lHow are you ladies holding out? ..still around jessie? I think we should promise to check in daily until we go into delivery. That way...when someone DOESN'T check in, we'll know....


Jessie - November 18

yeah im still here....i think i lost my mucus plug today...not sure tho lol Im still feeling very tired...i went to the doctor yesterday and they asked if i wanted my cervix checked and i desided no lol probably not to smart huh?...i guess i'd rather not know so then im not like omg come one dialate more!! lol im going back the 28th....and im due the 3rd of kinda hoping i dont make it to the 28th lol i've already gotten my hospital tour over with...i know where im going...i think im good..i just can't wait!!!


shaletta - November 19

Hi, im 37 weeks, and i want this to be over, i have been feeling tired, lazy, and has had the worse heartburn ever. I'm due dec. 11, can't wait that long, my daughter is playing games with me, i've had a few small contractions and then they'd stop. She just doesn't want to come out. Tomorrow im going Christmas shopping and i plan to walk from sun up til sun down. Hopefully it will get things started. My body is aching all over. Good luck Jessie, please keep us posted.


Jessie - November 19

*sigh* last night i fell asleep at 9...thats like WAY early for me...and i slept untill like 11 today....its like my body just can't catch up with sleep..*sigh* im still my mom is like forcing me to help her clean and im like..."i dun wanna...lemme sleep" lol shaletta your lucky your even feeling anything lol I havn't felt anything i thought was a contraction..just like really bad gas pains and such..but i dunno maybe it could have been a contraction...thats my biggest worry....being in labor and not even knowing it happens a lot in my mom was like 4 cm dialated and having regular contractions when she was pregnant with me and she went to the doc for a regular check up and they told her she was in labor...she was like what??...but i didn't feel hang in there impatientMamma lemme know if you do resort to castor oil...i wonder does that REALLY work??....


impatientMamma - November 21

Hey Jessie. You aren't alone. Any symptoms of labor I once had... GONE. I think I will be raising this child in my uterus. Anyway, I tried a castor oil compress (didn't THINK anything would happen but my friend did, what the heck..)... NADA. I've eaten lots 'o FRESH pineapple... NADA. As of friday, no dilation.. NUTHIN'! No indication that this baby will be coming any time soon. My fam is coming in town Wednesday, so I'll be cleaning and walking until then, and then Thanksgiving Thursday will be the castor oil night!!!!!!!!!!! I'll let you know! My aunt, a nurse (and her hubby is a doctor), has done it multiple times and swears by it. 1 table spoon of castor oil per 4 oz of OJ. GOOD LUCK!


Jessie - November 21

maybe i should try the castor oil too...i dunno i've had such a bad head ache all not sure i need to be in labor now lol good luck!


joanna - November 21

I'm 38 weeks, 2 cm dialated, 80% effaced, increased discharge, lost my mucuous plug, and am hoping it happens this afternoon! I am so sick of being pregnant! Unfortunately, labor is SO different for everyone. The frustrating part is not know ing WHEN it will happen.


Katie - November 21

I'm 32 weeks and my baby is already dropping. Could this be a sign of early labor? Will the baby be ok if he comes in the next few weeks?


kristen - November 21

I am due Dec 3rd, so I am just shy of 39 weeks. The baby dropped maybe two weeks ago and since then I have been peeing every 8-10 minutes. No fun, also I am thirsty all the time. I feel sluggish and lazy. No show and nothing more than BH contractions. I am so hoping that I don't make it to my next appointment on Tuesday. Good luck ladies.



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