At How Many Weeks Do You Normally Lose Your Mucus Plug

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Rachel.R - December 5

How many weeks are women when they usually lost there mucus plug? Iv looked at places on the internet, but i cant seem to find anything about it. Any help is great


Michelle - December 6

Unfortunately there is no set week. You might not lose it until you are in labor. I have had three kids and I never lost it before. But I haev been told it is a 2 weeks to till the day you deliver. So figure 38 weeks and above.


Jess - December 6

I lost mine on the day i was being induced.


C - December 7

It varies. I lost mine at 39 and 37 weeks, two pregnancies. Labor started at 40 and 38 weeks.


Lauren - December 8

I am 40 1/2 weeks and am supposed to get induced tomorrow morning. I just lost mine a couple of hours ago.


lolly - December 9

im 35 wks and just lost mine aint in labour yet though


Ready Too - December 9

I am about 36w and just lost mine this morning...with my first I lost some at 35w and the rest at 36w6d, water broke that night and I delivered next day....second one I lost it about 38w, delivered at 40w.


lauren - December 9

Hi rachel, im due tomorrow and i just lost my plug this morning!! I don't know if that means i'll go into labor though, but im hopeing..... I think the only reason i lost it though is because i had my doc strip my membranes yesterday.


Lauren's mom - December 9

Some women don't notice when the plug is expeld from the cervix. For some it whon't happen until they are well into labor. For others it may happen days before the birth of your little one. How many weeks are you and have you asked your health care provider? If not sure... Ask your docotor or midwife. No question regarding you or your baby should be avoided. Trust me, they like it when you ask questions. Also pick up a copy of the "What To Expect When Your Expecting" book. **Hint** to save $$ look in a thrift store, Value Village, GoodWill, etc. most always have copies of good Prego books. Mom's to be...READ! :) :) :)


eso - December 10

i lost mine 3 days before delivery!


twiggbru - July 3

Hi, im just at 30 weeks and i'm positive i have been losing my mucus plug over the last couple of days... i'll call my doctor on monday. I have no contractions, blood, or any pain



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