Baby Balling Up

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LP - June 24

Is anyone else having their babies ball up so tight that it hurts and feels like a contraction?? i hope this is normal because i have been feeling this alot lately.


Toya - June 27

Actually...that is a contraction....


Christina - June 27

It does sound like a contraction!


?? - June 27

How far along are you??


LP - June 27

I am 36 weeks and am dialed one. And having period like cramps along with the balling up.Wonder how long it will be before I go into full labor???


Toya - June 27

Could be tomorrow or another 4 weeks...I had those starting from week 34, but I still delivered on my due date at 40 weeks. when you start losing your mucus plug, usually about a week later you go into labor...but there is no telling with babies


Michelle - July 3

Lp, dont mean to discourage you if I do, I know I was though, see yesterday I woke up and 4:45 am, I was getting the same ball-like feeling, yes those are contractions, I was even getting back pain, leg pain, I could have sworn I was in labor, this lasted 13 hours, but the pain was tolerable and the contractions were 3 min apart, for 15 min, then 30 min apart for a few hours, and then 7 min apart for 6 hours, and then all of the suden then stopped totaly. I did not even call my doctor because I knew it was false the number one indicator was inconsistantcy of contractions. That ball like feeling is a contraction and there good for you, they teach you how to practice for labor, and I had a whole day of practice!! ha ha, I feel fine today. I went to the doctor today and found out I was 70% ephased, and 3 centimeters, I guess yesterday was good for something. But my doctor says that it can still be withen 2 days to 3 weeks. So good luck, just remember the ball like feeling is good for you and the baby, but if they get consitant (5 min apart), strong, or your water breaks call you doctor.


liss - July 5

hi all! I am just about 36 weeks have been having that balling up feeling for awhile not regular but a few times a day, but the thing is its only on one side. what does that mean?


Sarah - July 9

It can be only on one side. Lately, I only get it up high, while the bottom area stays soft.


Cat - July 10

I notice mention of the "balling up" on one side. Can someone please tell me what this means? I had that feeling (right side) for at least an hour today. It was a constant bad pain, but leaning forward, backwards or walking made it even worse. I sat for a long time and it finally stopped. I'm 18 weeks along and high risk of pre-term labor. Thank you!


Cat - July 11

Anyone? :(


Melissa - July 12

Cat, It sounds like you need to call your care provider and let them know what happened. Especially if you are high risk.


Chris - July 12

I never had a contraction feel like the baby balling up, but that's what my doc says it will feel like. Every woman is different --- so what you're feeling prolly IS a contraction.


Cat - July 13

Thanks. I have an appointment thurs for vag & tummy ultrasounds. I'll let him know. It happened once more, but didn't last long. I've been fine ever since that, no other problems. I don't think mine was a contraction though, braxton or real. At least I doubt it, I've never had one anything like that before with my other pregnancies.


Cat - July 13

BTW, I didn't contact him about it because I don't want him to think I'm nuts. We had a scare earlier, thought I was leaking amniotic fluid. He thinks it's urine, it's not, it's coming from my v____a. I don't know what it is, but it certainly isn't urine.


FELICIA - July 13



Carey - July 13

They are called Braxton Hicks contractions and they are totally normal. They can actually start at 20 weeks and continue throughout the entire pregnancy. They are "practice" contractions that only tighten your uterus on one or both sides, usually starting at the top of the uterus. Some women never feel them and others have very strong ones. Nothing to worry about unless they are consistent and getting stronger as time progresses.



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