Baby Balling Up

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Carey - July 13

They are called Braxton Hicks contractions and they are totally normal. They can actually start at 20 weeks and continue throughout the entire pregnancy. They are "practice" contractions that only tighten your uterus on one or both sides, usually starting at the top of the uterus. Some women never feel them and others have very strong ones. Nothing to worry about unless they are consistent and getting stronger as time progresses.


Cat - July 14

Well, bad cervix is already shortening. Hopefully we'll make it to 34 weeks though. Thanks for your help. This isn't my first pregnancy, but the doctor said I still shouldn't be having any contractions at all yet (braxton or otherwise). I've had alot of BH and then whatever that other thing was.


~S~ - July 15

I'm 33 weeks, I'll be 34 weeks in 4 days. Yesterday I experienced this "balling up" feeling, at least I think that's what i was feeling. My tummy became hard and very uncomfortable. I had pain on the top of my belly, just below my b___bs. At first I thought I was experiencing bad indigestion because the pain stuck around for a good 20 mins, but then it went away for a while and then came back. The second time it came back it was followed by light abdomen pain, almost like light menstral cramps. I could lean forward, otherwise it would hurt more, the only way I was able to aleveate any of the pain was to sit up straight and do some deep breathing. I guess this could have been Braxton Hicks? I'm not sure though because I've never had them before. At first I was thinking I was experiencing false labor, but my gf who just had her baby (i was at her house at the time) said they were probably BH. Today I feel better, I think I had a little bit of those contractions this morning and while I was walking, but they're gone now. All I can feel at the moment is my baby pushing on my right side. I can see a lump there and it's hard.


Maya - July 16

I started feeling that at 21 weeks and yes it is a contraction. It is normal. If you are having cramp like feelings you'll probably go in within in the next 3 weeks. But if you are uneasy please call your health care provider. They get paid BIG bucks, make them work for it!!!! Do not be scared to ask sweetie.


Danielle - July 16

Ahhhh - my baby has been 'balling up' - well, I thought it was the baby. Today I felt very distinctly a little foot kick me HARD right below my b___sts. Wow, I think he bruised me. I actually slowed my car down to rub my belly. The other day I felt a lot of painful pressure - enough that I went to the ER - my doctor told me to take some mylanta. I did, but no help. A day or so later (constant pressure) it finally went away. Must have been gas after all :) But now today I've got that tight balling feeling again. I think my baby must be turning or something. I'm 34 weeks.



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