Baby Dropped At 32 Weeks Advice

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flappergirl - March 14

hi. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I'm at 32 weeks and my baby has dropped, but my dr. didn't do a pelvic exam or tell me to start staying at home from work. He just said to keep an eye out for it and to call him if anyting happens. Is this normal? I though the baby is suppose to drop around week 36 or more and that it usually indicates that labour is pending. I hate second guessing my dr. because i really need to trust him, but since i've only been with him for a month (my family dr. doesn't do deliveries so she assigned me to him, but she also said she's never worked with him but since there's a huge dr. shortage in my city she didn't have much choice we had to go with him). I'm sure he's a fine doctor, but he seems so nonchalent about this. What do you ladies think? For anyone who's had babies before, when did your first baby drop in relation to when you went into labour? And also, do you think i should still be working full time - i work as a journalist at a magazine. It's at least a 9 hour day work rushing around between interviews (sometimes with long commutes) and with crazy deadlines so it is quite stressful. Any advice or comments will be appreciated - thanks!


Anathi - March 15

Hi all I can say is not all pregnancies are not the same it could happen like that in your case but I sugget and insist you tell your dr to do a pelvic exam and he must tell you the truth so you could trust him! U can even ask your previous dr. Hope you all the best!!!!


Mommy_to_be - March 16

I carried very low my whole pregnancy, so low, you couldn't tell when or if I ever dropped. If you are not having a lot of contractions, strong pressure in your bottom, etc. then I wouldn't worry too much. As far as taking it easy - do what you feel is right, if you think working is too much, take leave early. Good luck and take care!


babyonboard16 - March 16

I am 33 weeks pregnant and my lil girl has gone head down


cyclemom - March 17

I just recently had my first baby. He had dropped really low by week 34. I was in the hospital at 35 weeks with an awful case of the flu and they said he was at Station 0 already. By week 37 my OB told me his head was lower than in any other patient she has ever had! Everyone thought he would come any day, however, he was 6 days late! If you are worried, you can ask your Dr. to do an internal, but I know a lot of docs won't do it until 36-37 weeks. Just pay attention to your BH contractions and see if they get consistant and stronger. Good luck and sleep as much as you can now. My son in 3 weeks old and sometimes at night I actually wish I was still pregnant so I could sleep more than 1.5 hours at a time!!!


flappergirl - March 18

hi ladies. Thanks for the advice/support. It's much appreciated. I feel a lot better about it now, i still feel a little anxious about my dr. not telling me things more directly, but perhaps i just need to do more of my own research so that i can really hammer down on him with questions. thanx again.



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