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Brooke - October 27

how do i know when baby has dropped? is it an obvious ting? or does it slowly happen because ive herd people say that their baby dropped last i am curious....


Kendra - October 30

Some babies don't drop until you're well into labor. Some drop a good bit before you go into labor. Some of the signs might be that you feel breathing is a little easier, not as much heartburn (if you had it to begin with) and a little more frequency of urination. (gott a go more often)


Alicia - January 14

Some babies drop sooner than others. It was explained to me that it just means that the baby is getting into position for coming into the world! G


Lisa - January 15

Generally, the baby will drop at about 36 weeks, my baby dropped the other night, i 'felt' it during the night and had to get up at least 4 times to go to the toilet. My second baby didn't drop until the night i gave birth to her. Every pregnancy is different, as i have found out....... with my 5th pregnancy, nothing has been exactly the same with any of them. The doctor will tell you when baby's head is down.


Jamie - January 18

38 weeks. I have felt like I have had to poop all day. Cramps too. No steady contractions. Just hoping its time. I know there is no real way to tell until it happens, but I have all the signs. Any advice?


courtney - March 10

Personally, my baby dropped after a long day of shopping with my mother-in-law. My stomach fell to my knees and stayed there for another 4 weeks until delivery.


Lindsay - May 26

Im 34 weeks now, but throughout my pregnancy iv had sever blood pressure problems, but not your average "high blood pressure" Mine has been extreemly low, and with theese drops came blackouts. Iv never had any of theese symptoms outside of the pregnancy, and iv had every heart/brain/lung...etc...test, with no results. The docs say its pregnancy related, has anybody else heared or had this problem?!


Taz - May 30

i didn't know...just had a thought one day that it might have dropped, then asked my doctor and he said yes. I guess thats the only true way to know... i am small in the belly height area so my baby really doesn't have far to drop.


kristen - June 9

well this aint a answer but im going through it right now actulley it feels so funny lol but its got me excited that my son is getting ready to come into my life! if u want soomeone to talk to brooke about it email me [email protected]


April - June 13

I am 33 weeks pregnant, and my baby just dropped, and boy was it noticeable. I went from being really miserable, to being really happy overnight. It was a really dramatic change for me, and it was definetly for the better!


Kamie - June 17

I think my baby dropped last night . I have had to go to the restroom alot more often. I also have some achey, kind of stretching pains in my lower belly.


Rebecca - June 20

Im 39 weeks and my baby hast dropped. Can I be induced this week?


Lisa - November 7

Hey! My baby has just dropped, also... He moved way down in my pelvis (I can feel it), and the Dr. says he is in position (vertex) to be born. I am only 34 weeks myself, but I am ready for him : ) I think that this is the most anxious time though, becasue I feel like a walking "bomb"-never know when it is gonna be time, ya know???



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