Baby Too Big For My Pelvis

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Kelly - September 1

I'm 38 weeks and my baby already weighs almost 9 pounds. I went for a checkup yesterday, my doctor told me that the baby isn't even engaged yet and that it should have been. He suspects I have cephalopelvic disproportion, and I have to have a pelvimetry on monday to see if he's right. If he is, I'll have to get a c-section right away, if my pelvis is allright I'll have to wait for normal labor to start. I really would like to know if someone has any expirience with this and if I still have a chance that any moment I will start labor naturally?!?!?!


bump - September 1



Courtney - September 1

Tell your Dr that you want to go into labor naturally and see what happens...


ME! - September 8

7yrs ago i was told that I have cephalopelvic disproportion, only after a horrible labor and delivery by c-section. I was only 38 weeks and hadn't even started to dilate when my water broke. I was started on fast drip pitocin at 7am and spent the rest of the day with extreme contractions one on top of another. With each contraction I was in excruciating pain and was denied my plees to be given "anything to make the pain stop". During this entire time my son was in fetal destress with his heartrate lowering with each contraction. At 3pm the dr's changed shifts and the evening dr wanted to monitor me. By 5pm, I was given my epidural and told that I was next on the list to have a c-section, another woman was having an emergency one. At 7pm my beautiful son was born by c-section. His first pictures in the hospital have him with a large indention across the top of his forhead from where he had spent the enitre day beating up against my pelvis. Other than that he was perfectly healthy. I am now 36wks&5dys pregnant with my 2nd. Due to the complications with the first, this will be a planned c-section. I'm happy now to be able to spare this child what my first went through. My advice to you is to let them check and see if you will have problems. If so, there is nothing wrong with it. C-sections are just as common practice as v____al births nowadays. It is better to be cautious than risk hurting the baby. Good luck with your pregnancy and I hope everything works out for you.


Suzanne - September 9

Doctors are notoriously bad at predicting baby's size just by palpating. Chances are that your body has made the perfect sized baby for you. I wish you all the best, and please don't let the post by "ME!" above scare you. I bet you that everything will work out fine for you. Please don't worry too much. Take care, and please let us know how everything goes, ok? Suzanne


Beth - September 9

My doctor was right when she said I had a big baby. I think in 99% of cases v____al is fine, but I do think there are rare exceptions when a c-section is better. I'm not a doctor, obviously, so I can't tell you the actual percents. I would listen to your doctor.


Beth - September 9

"ME!" is not being completely honest, never would a doctor allow a baby to be in fetal distress that long. When my other son was in fetal distress they were frantic and getting ready to haul me in for a c-section. They don't allow that to go on for *hours*!!!


Beth - September 9

Forgot a couple things, I'm sorry. That son was normal size. They did put me on oxygen b/c of the f.d. and gave me some time, but never would they go hours!!!


Right On - September 9

I looked it up. Fetal Distress Fetal Distress is generally used to describe hypoxia, or lack of oxygen. To put it simply, fetal distress is what happens when your baby cannot breathe. The clinical term means hypoxia that may result in damage or death if not reversed or the fetus delivered immediately.


ME - September 11

The doctor I had let my son go through all that distress for that long. My mother and husband were there trying to get me a different doc. She has a bad reputation for this type of care. The other doctors in that practice are alot better. I did not tell my story to scare anyone. I was only stating what happened to me. Sorry. It is true that drs are often wrong on the baby's size, but it is better to be cautious.


jane - September 27

hi all wonder if any body could answer my question ive had 2 small babies one prem weighing 2lb 1oz 2nd baby was 7lb 4oz now my docter said my baby was big and was plotting of the charts she said at 28 weeks i was on 97th centile i dont understand these centile charts does anyone know if that is really big at 28 weeks and already on 97th centile


To Jane - September 28

You should post your own question, but your baby is in the 97th percentile, meaning that it is bigger than average. That's not necessarily big, just as big as 3% of babys.



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