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missycc4 - January 12

I want to know what back labor feels like. Last night my back was hurting and then cramps would come from back to front with pressure in my vagainal area and would feel pressure in my tail bone everytime my back would start to really hurt. Today I had very loose bowel movments ( 3 times so far )with the same thing going on today.Nothing has gotten really strong but had a few that would make me think about it. I called my Dr and she said that if can't time them not to worry about it more or less. Not sure if I should just go in and get checked or go with what my Dr says.


missycc4 - January 13

doing pretty good today. Still feeling the pressure and mild back pain. some cramping but nothing to be calling my Dr on. I've had 3 contraction with the pressure so far this morning. I think that maybe more like braxton hicks but with the pressure. I have a week and a half be4 I see my Dr again. Well see what happens


Tammy276 - January 13

how far along are you? If you cannot time them and they are not at regular interval then it is false labor....I have been having painful BH contractions for the past few weeks (I am 29w2d) and my doctor told me that is fine as long as I am not getting more than 5 in an hour and I don't have any bleeding.


missycc4 - January 13

I'm 34 weeks. Thursday is when it really started up. I noticed that I have more pressure in my v____al and tailbone area. Almost like a burning feeling up in side. Braxton hicks are strong to. when I have them I feel it down below, but nothing timeable.


missycc4 - January 16

If anyone see this. I still have the back pain sleep is no longer something that I get. I'm in a lot of pain. I've been having loose bowel movements seens the 12th. I'm not really sure if this is ok. I don't want to call my Dr. because she will just tell me the some thing as be4. The cramping is more then be4 as well. discharge has picked up also. I see my Dr. on the 24th. any advice will help.


Tammy276 - January 17

if you are still having loose bm, then I would call your doctor and tell them....and make sure you are drinking more water so you don't get dehydrated. It could be that you have a little bug or something that is causing sucks when this stuff happens (especially the contractions) because the doctors answer is always the same "If you don't have more than this many in an hour and your not bleeding, then there is nothing to worry about"..Easy for them to say!! I am 30w this week and have an appt. tomorrow and plan on discussing with my doctor the contractions I've been having. I don't time them because half the time I'm at work and can't, but I can't imagine BH being this painful...for me, they stop me in my tracks sometimes and I have to breath through them and walking makes them worse...I've had the pressure in my tailbone and v____a too,along with the pain in the back that spreads to the front and down into my thighs.....I think those are real contractions, but what do I know right! We'll see what the doc. says tomorrow.


missycc4 - January 17

Morning, I'm drinking a gallon tea a day along with water at night be4 I go to bed. I just want the pain to stop. I know that won't happen until I have her so I only have 6 weeks to go. Unless I can time them I'm don't even bother my Dr. with it. I know how you feel with the bh. I have some that I can't even move. The pressure feels like the baby wants to come out and say Hi. Let me know what your Dr. says. Thanks for the reply.


Tammy276 - January 17

Hi missycc4...just thought I would let you know what my doctor told me today at my appt. we talked about the whole contractions thing and she said that frequency is actually more important than how painful they are....Obviously if they are painful and frequent, then it is something to be concerned about, but she said the frequency is what dialates you...she said she's checked woman before who said they felt kinda crampy on and off all day, but nothing severe and they were dialated......And woman who have complained about painful contractions a few times a day and have not been dialated. So she said to really keep track of how often they are occuring and she said now that I have hit 30w, if I notice more than 4 or 5 and hour, no matter how painful (even if they are painless BH) to call and to to L & D. So just remember, frequency more important than pain...hope this helped you out a little bit!


missycc4 - January 18

Thank you Tammy. I was timing them yesterday and having 4 in an hour but again not every hour with back pain. I didn't feel good at all. I had loose bowel movments again to. I think I might call the Dr just to let her know seens I don't see her until Wednesday.


missycc4 - January 18

I called my Dr and I'm getting an ultrasound tomorrow. Not really sure why shes given one but ok. She said that if the contraction are 6 or more an hour to go to L&D so We'll see.


missycc4 - January 19

Update- at my ultrasound today the baby weight is now 4lb 9oz, cervix is 4'6 it was a little over 5 two weeks ago. Baby is right there up against my cervix and that is why I feel so much pain. over all baby looks Great.


les22 - January 27

I had back labour and it was so painful that I was sick with almost every contraction. if your baby is lying back to back with you then try to get it to turn because you will be in for a horrible experience if it doesnt turn



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