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iminluvwitarish - March 27

I am 37 weeks pregnant. I lost what looked like my mucous plug on Saturday. It was pinkish- yellow looking and about a 1/4 size amount. I'm also leaking a yellowish fluid that doesn't look like pee. I went to the doctor last Thursday and he told me that I was 30-40% effaced and that he could immediately feel the head in my cervix. I've been having really bad back pains that shoot across my back and through to my sides for the past two hours about 39 minutes apart. Am I having back labor? Should I go to the hospital to get checked out or should I wait? I go back to the doctor on Thursday. PLEASE HELP!!! It's my first child and I don't know what to do.


mandee25 - April 20

It sounds like back labor. I had it with my first. GO NOW if you haven't already.


junebaby - April 20

I have the same back pains-I'm 34 wks today-but my dr just said to go to the hosp if u get contractions every 5 min or closer-Did u ever call ur doctor or go in? what happened?


FLDoula - April 20

As a labor doula my question would be, do you think your water has broken? If so, or you believe you are having a problem it is better to go to triage to be checked. At 37 weeks they need to decide whether to let you labor or stop it. If you were my client I would have you go in to be checked. Do you know what position your baby is in? Is he/she posterior? If OB can feel cervix, it must have come forward. Back labor usually does not go away in between contractions. Ice would be good. Do you have a birth ball? I would suggest sitting on it with your legs flat and spread. Roll from side to side. This may help some of the back pain. Also hands and knees position either laying with chest on the ball or just hands and knees. I do not know how to do private messages here? There is a lot I can tell you that will help you with a back labor. And please, take some very deep breaths, try to do some relaxation. Remember that the more relaxed you are the more relaxed your uterus and cervix are.... Please go get checked.



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