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AnyDayNow - November 18

Hello, im going to be 39 weeks on Tuesday and have been experiencing the WORST back pain on my left side. It comes and goes, but when its here, its next to unbearable!!! I've been taking tylenol and warm baths to ease the pain. any other suggestions to ease the pain? Also, I plan to be induced on Tuesday, if the baby doesn't come sooner. Simply because of the pain in my back. I'm not getting any rest and i'm in serious pain, so I thought that would be the best thing I could do. any comments would be great... Thanks :)


Mal - November 19

I am 34 wks and have had bad back pain also. The only thing that helps me is to take a warm bath or use a heating pad. My husband sometimes presses on my back (counterpressure) where it hurts. This gives me some relief. It's almost like I can feel my bones shifting and moving. Now that the baby has dropped some, it has been hurting alot. I think it's just from all the pressure. Hope everything goes well for you and your baby gets here soon!


angela - November 25

i had Bad back pains on my rt side only for a whole week before i went into labor it will come and go but nothing really help dh would give me ma__sages and i used to take warm baths.


pbj - November 26

I had my daughter 11 days ago. I had horrible back pain toward the end of my pregnancy. Unfortunately I did back labor as well. Even my nurse said how sorry she was cause apparently it hurts worse. However, it doesn't necessarily mean you will back labor, but it sounds as though you may being having some intermitent contractions. My advice to you if you back labor: be sure whoever your birthing coach is that they practice up on relieving back pain during labor (believe me, it will be a lifesaver), since you're going to be induced I'm afraid they will have you lying on your back...which makes back labor hurt worse, (I had to lay in bed, it sucked!) walking around feels a bit better...if you can get out of bed, and lastly...seriously I love epidurals. For me, personally, I loved getting my epidural; and I've been terrified to get one all through my pregnancy...but was begging for one. I don't want to scare you, cause it really was the most amazing moments in my life. I would take the pain all over again to have this beautiful little girl. Being prepared is the best thing you can do. IT'S ALL WORTH IT!


to pbj - December 1

you say you had an epidural,how far dilated before you got it were you?Also,was the pain before you got it agony,I know you said you had back pain,and did it last for the entire birth?How do you feel afterwards?



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