Bathrooming During Birth

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Margaret - September 2

I know this is really stupid but I am afraid that when I am delivering I will potty or pee on the delivery room table. Does this happen and is it just viewed as a thing that just happens? I am very modest as this bathrooming this is bugging me. Help!


Missy - August 31

You won't be worried about that after the labor you got hrough i think that will be the least of your worries, there will be all kinds of guck coming out down there anyways. You will be worried about getting that baby out more than anything when the time comes, trust me. You may poop right before the baby comes out but it is natural and I wouldn;t be worried about it, you are having an seven to eight pounder come out down there.. good luck on your pregnancy..


julie - September 2

Don't worry about it- someone told me... s**t happens during labor =) It is common and it is natural and as Missy said, there's a lot going on down there. In addition, you don't want to be so preoccupied with it mentally that you can't focus on the task at hand. Good luck!


toni - December 6

dont worrie about it you most prouble wont be potty or pee on th delivey room its not very common for this to happen to people trused me i would no if it is common i no alot of people who have been in labor and its never happend to them so you should be ok hope this helps you a little bit.


Donna - December 6

you should worry about other things lol doctors,nurses,midwifes all of them see it happen everyday it's nothing to be embarrased about and if it did happen the midwife,doctor or who ever is delivering your baby will clean it up and take it away straight away they wont even mention you have done anything plus you wouldnt feel yourself doing it so set your mind on something eles :) hope this helps xx


Patty - January 19

I pooped before my son came out. My husband went "ewwwww" but I didn't think anything of it, my mind was on the baby. Nurse wiped me clean in a flash, they're used to it, nature takes it course and nothing you can do.


Heather - March 9

Hey don't worry about it when I had my first child I went to the bathroom right there in the dilvery room while giving birth about 2 or 3 times becuse when that baby is coming out you arn't going to be worried about what your doing at that point I was worried about that and when it came to that time I didn't even care and besides the nurses don't even care because I apoligized and they told me not to worry it happens all the time for them to clean up hey and good luck and whatever you have tell him/her I said hi.



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