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Ciera.Danielle - April 13

I'm 38 weeks, due April 25th. I'm almost 2 cm and I'm 50% effaced, but I'm already so miserable. When I went to see the dr today she set me up an induction date for 6am on the 25th if I havent already gone into labor by then. What is being induced like? Is it painfull? How long does it usually take? I'm pretty excited about but also dont know what to expect. Thanks for any advice!!


Ciera.Danielle - April 14

Has anyone been induced, that could help me out a little? PLEASE.


Lyn edd 8th april - April 14

hello im pregnant #3 im 41 weeks.... i was induced with my 1st and went natural with my personaly i think being induced hurts alot more the pains are more painful because being induced means you are forcing you body to start labour rather then your body being ripe and ready it self..... im hoping my baby will come on his own as im 41 weeks im booked in for 5 days time to be induced im hoping i dont have to be induced but if my baby doesnt want to come out then he aint going to have a choice.....labour is painful any way but I think being induced hurts alot more thats what i think anyway......good luck hope all goes well for you


Ciera.Danielle - April 14

Thank you for the advice! I'm planning on getting an epidural though, so maybe it wont hurt as bad? Does it go quicker or longer when you're induced? I would think it takes longer. Hmm.


sphinxminx - April 14

HI, I was sort of induced with my first baby. My water broke at 12:00am Monday morning, they checked I was only 3cm dialated, so we waited and waited and waited. By 4:00pm Monday they started a pitocin drop but it didn't do much until they upped the dosage. I was going from telling jokes to my husband to curled up in a ball of pain. I think that is where you can say its more painful, because when your not induced your contractions are gradual. When induced they happen with the first pitocin drop. I was glad they induced me I wasn't planning on having a 30 plus hour labour. I ended up having my daughter at 8:29pm that Monday. I know if you go in without your water breaking they use a cream on you first. With my sister-in-law ended having to have that used twiced and then started the pitocin drop.


AmandaManns - April 15

Hello! I just had my first baby and I was induced. So obviously I do not know what it feels like to go natural. My experience was not a good one. I got induced at 5:00 a/m and I was 3 cm dialted and 80% effaced and he broke my water at 8:30 a/m and I still was on 3. I got my epidural at 11:30 and I was 4 cm and about 90 % effaced. I then got stuck at 4 cm and at 7 p/m I was still only 4 cm. Then finally at 1:10 I was ready to push and I pushed for 2 hours and they had to end up vac_mming my big boy out. It did hurt with the induction and the contractions start coming all of a sudden but it is bearable, especially with the epidural. Good Luck!!


Ciera.Danielle - April 15

Thank you, ladies for all your advice and help! I'm so excited and ready!! Only 10 more days of waiting! I'll let you know how everything goes! And good luck with all of your little ones!


lindsay - April 15

i was induced w/ my first, but i was already 4cm and 80% effaced by the time i got to the hospital.. they started the drip around 8:30 and my doc broke my water shortly thereafter to get things going. the nurse said i was contracting pretty regularly when i came in so i guess i was in the beginnings of labor but was having no pain, but then again, that was probably going on for weeks. anyway, i very gradually started feeling contractions, they pretty much just felt like bh's at first, only slightly stronger. they started getting more uncomfortable around noon, i think, so i asked for the epi b/c i was afraid the anesthesiologist would be busy tending to other people, so i figured i better get it while i could, lol... i delivered at 9:27 pm after pushing for 1 hour... my labor and delivery progressed very smoothly w/ pitocin, but i had some problems w/ the epidural.


lindsay - April 15

that's 8:30 AM... don't want you to think i got to the hosptal, got the drip , and pushed my baby out in a hour, LOL!


Daniella - April 15

When is it a good time to be induced? I have been 3 cm dilated since last week (I think I might be 4 now) and am just about fully effaced. Had the bloody show 2 days ago and since then having horrible pains. My doctor wont induce because I am not 38 weeks yet, but they wont stop labor either since I am over 36 weeks. I just cant understand how they let someone go this far dilated, effaced and in pain for that long. I am not an impatient person and have a high pain tolerance. I am just wondering at what point is it OK to induce. Obviously not when your not even dilated or effaced... but, I am and baby is so low that his head is at the very tip of my cervix that is completely thinned. Dr. said I could stay like this for weeks. It makes me sick thinking about this since the pain makes me actually throw up. I am starting early labor BACK contractions.


Ducky - April 16

I was induced and it didnt hurt at all....Until the contractions came. It took me 5 minutes to get to 10 cm. There was hardly time for an epidural. Good luck.



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