Being Induced

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Sarah - August 29

I am 41.1 weeks pregnant and being induced this thurs. I dont know what to expect and dont want to go in there with no idea of what is about to happen because this hospital doesnt really tell you anything. Is it normal to feel scared? Like now I am terrified to have this baby because I feel now that I am being forced into it.


miranda - August 29

Don't be scared. All that will be different from normal labor is that they will hook you up to a pitocin drip and very gradually increase the medicine until you are in a good labor pattern. Is there a reason for the induction? If you don't feel like the baby is ready to come, and there is no reason to induce, you don't have to be induced, and you shouldn't let anyone tell you differently. You will probably go into labor any time anyway. Good luck, if you have more specific questions about induction I will try to answer them, I was induced with my first child.


wendy - August 29

I had two inductions and to be honest they where not for the best resons, but I was scared and felt very guilty it is normal, but if you feel real scared you should talk to your ob because he should explain a good reason why they are inducing, maybe it is for a good reason, and if not then go with your gut feeling, but both my children that where induced turned out just fine and one labor went quick the other took some time because he was just not ready to come out.


Jenn... - August 29

I was induced. To start they hook you up to iv fluids to make sure you are hydrated, then they start the pitocin. You most likely will have to labor in bed so you will want pain meds. If your hospital makes you wait for an epidural until there is cervical change opt for the nubain or demoral whichever they offer, otherwise induction contractions are hell. My son was not ready. He never dropped and my cervix had no change in 7 hours. Rather than having a very long induction that would have possibly not progressed anyway, I had a c-section at that point. Don't be scared, be excited!! Soon you will have you precious baby and everything will seem right with the world :)


krystal - August 29

with my daughter i was induced at 41 weeks. they started the pitocin at 9 am and broke my water and she was born at 12:15 that afternoon. it's true that the contractions do come alot stronger and closer together but it's well worth it. all i needed was the demerol to make it tolerable and i was 15 and she was 9 lbs 6 ozs. with my son i started labor on my own but it slowed when i reached 4 cms so they used the pitocin to keep up my labor and he was also born just about 3 hrs later. I am now due on friday and truthfully if i go in anytime soon i would prefer to be put on the pitocin because it seems to make my labors alot faster. But all in all no matter which way you have your baby it's well worth all of it.


Kristina - August 29

I am being induced on Thurs as well, unless our precious one comes earlier. How far have you progressed already? My cervix is very soft and ready, and I have been dialated to a 3 for awhile. So I'm hoping our induction won't last long.


Monique - August 31

Good Luck I was induced last Thursday and I was scrared going into the hospital but once I seen the nurses take out the sterile table to prepare for my baby to be born and I signed all the paper work I was relived and happy to know my baby boy was coming for sure its not good for your baby to live longer than 42 wks in your body because the placenta starts to detirerate and begins to malfuction that may cause still birth so do it for your healthy baby I know you dont wanna go this whole summer of pregnancy for nuttin .. good luck mommy


rachel - September 2

If they have given you no good reason to be induced then don't do it. I was 19 and very naive with my first birth, I was induced which led to me being very very tired and which also resulted in my inablility to push. I had a forceps delivery which required an episiotomy which led to third/fourth degree tears. I felt I had failed. Had I been able to birth her in an upright position none of the above would have happened. Good luck and remember, this is your body, don't let a male doctor tell you what is best. He doesn't have to deal with the aftermath of incontinence.


anne - September 2

i was induced a little over a month ago after the broke my water. i had no pain, i only tore requiring 2 st_tches, and the epidural kept me from feeling the heavy labour pains. in the end, it was pretty painless and fast when i hit 10 cm. if you feel forced, you can always say no. and its ok to say no - this is your body. my husband was overdue by 4 WEEKS and his mother wasn't induced. imagine a 10 month pregnancy - good lord lol. bad enough we feel a pregnancy will never end by the time we hit 8 months, imagine a 10 month pregnancy. its perfectly safe to go over your due date, allow yourself the freedom to choose - your body.



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