Being Induced Mond 20th Help

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moe - December 15

I am being induced on monday and i am 38 weeks because of me not being able to walk due to her laying on nerves and she is big i am scared i got induced wit my first and i had her with in 7 hours does anyone know if this olne could be faster i am so scared i had my first at 16 and i am 21 now but i am more scared now then i was before any advise please give it to me thank you


Christine - December 16

Your more scared now because you know the dramatics of what you have to go through...its common...I had my first natural..and my second I was induced...actually didnt even feel labor pains though I was having them until about 2 hrs before her birth...they were two years with the I get farther along...I keep thinking oh my we know we get through it..there really is no way to tell if it will be easier or harder than the first time...just hang in there...soon you will be through it and hold that beautiful baby in your arms..and it wont matter again...what they do say though is it gets easier and easier the more you have...I personally dont believe this...but if you ask most thats what they will tell you...good luck


moe - December 16

christine thanks alot yeah i guess every one has to go through it and in the end ill be happy to hold my little girl thanks so much


Christine - December 17

Your welcome Moe...and good luck on Monday...


KM - December 17

well, this might get your hopes up but it is said that subsequent labours are half the time of the first usually, or at least shorter for sure.I find labour is scary when you are pregnant and thinking about it, but when you are in the moment its not as scary.Also, you get through it no matter what and look back on it knowing it was worth it.I am 18 and just recently had my first baby, so I know where you're coming from. I had a really bad labour.. 13 hrs and 4 hrs of pushing. I had no drugs.and ended up with a c-section.I definitely recommend the epidural if it is available.If your body takes it, it will provide total relief for pain.Induction is not scary at all. I also got induced.I went in the morning before my induction date to get cervidil to prepare my cervix for labour. but i got home only to return to the hospital a cpl hrs later because it put me into labour on my own lol. My doctor broke my water for me, its totally painless, and i also had to get pitocin because i stalled for a bit.


Jill - December 17

With my first they induced me b/c I had preeclampsia and I was in labor for around 15 hours. With my second, he came so fast they didn't have time to let the epidural take effect. Of course, epidural kicked in as soon as he was out!!! LOL... Good luck



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