Being Induced On Monday And Very Scared

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lucy - October 5

im very scared of hospitals as it is and was hoping to stay at home as long as pos during labor. this is my first and im 8 days overdue. has anyone gone this far over but still gone into labor naturally? also how long does it take from the beginning of the induction till the baby is born? thank you


kw - October 5

I was not that far along when induced with my first child, but it was not a bad experience at all. We went in at about 6 am. By the time the actually began giving me meds to start labor it was 8 am. They broke my water at like 10ish. I started pushing at 4:25 pm and had her at 4:35 pm. It was pretty enjoyable actually since I had an epidural. We all just hung out between checks, watched TV, chatted, etc. It is nice that there is a definate end in sight when you're induced. I don't know how it is without pain meds, but I highly recommend the epidural...they rock! Good luck. I hope it all goes well. Don't be scared, it isn't that bad.


san - October 5

hi Lucy, i was induced with my son 13yrs ago with a pessary. They put it in at 10pm then i went into labour at midnight and my son was born at 1pm. When i had my daughter i went naturally and was in labour 19 and a half hours so for me the induced was quicker. Im hoping for my induction date 2mrw as im 40+1 overdue.


Sheri - October 5

I am 10 days over due today and being induced tommorrow. i have had no pains at all and im getting excited to be induced i was with my first one then had an epideral so i didnt feel much pain. they started inducing me at 10:00 am and she was out by 7:00 pm the epideral helped me to dilate cause i was tensing up and the epideral relaxed me. ive heard of alot of people going 10 to 12 days over and still going in naturally.


lucy - October 6

thank you ladies, youve eased my mind alot, ive been crying on and off about this but i feel alot better now. good luck with your babies, i will let you all know how it went, with all the juicy details lol


san - October 6

hi again, went to clinic today and they have given me tues as my induction date,thats if i dont go sooner had pains on and off for a week and tonight they lasted a few hours. Good luck everyone


lucy - October 6

good luck san, i hope it all goes well for you. please post after and let us know how it went.


tc - October 6

Hi there i was seven days over due when i was induced with my son they started the induction at eight am and he was born at one twelve pm so it wasnt to long im due with my third child tomarrow and still nothing im hopeing he will come soon or they will induce me again.


krystal - October 6

I was induce with my first when i was a week late. It was hard, but fast. Three hours from the time they started the pitocin. With my second i started labor on my own (two days early) but they put me on the pitocin when my labor slowed at 4 cms. that also took only three hours. With my little one i was scheduled to be induced on a saturday but i went in on my own and he was born friday morning. also labor can start anytime. there is no set time that you pa__s and then there is no chance of labor starting.



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