Bh For More Than A Few Hours

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Mellissa - July 9

hi everyone.. i just wanted some input. i have been getting contractions about 10 minutes apart for 23 1/2 hours now. they don't hurt really bad, but do get more intense and close together when i walk. i called labor and delivery to see if they thought having contractions that long is stressful to the baby, and the girl said they sound like bh to her because i was talking through them fine. she said if they were making any changes to my cervix, i would be in a lot of pain. now, the only reason i doubt her is because when i was induced with my daughter i went from 2 cm to 7 1/2 cm without feeling any pain, just like what i'm feeling now. the pain didn't start until my water broke at 7 1/2 cm. does anyone think this could be the real thing, or is it normal to have bh for 23 hours??!? i'm 38 weeks 3 days, by the way. and i've been drinking a ton of water and peeing every 10 minutes, so i know i'm not dehydrated. any opinions would be nice. thanks. :)


Mellissa - July 9

oh, and another thing... the lady told me that we shouldn't measure contractions by the time in between them, but by the strength of the actual contraction. she said to wait until the pain was unbearable, then go in. i started pushing an hour and a half after the pain started with my daughter, and i think that's cutting it a little close, especially with this being my second child. i was planning on going in when they get to be 4-5 minutes apart. does that make sense? thanks again!


Mellissa - July 9

well, what do you know? as soon as i wrote this post, i went for a walk, and sure enough, the contractions stopped!!! insane. but i still think i'm going to go in when they are 4-5 minutes apart, no matter how strong they are.


sahmof3 - July 9

Annoying isn't it when you can't tell for sure?? My first baby was cut and dried- I went in to labor after two overdue weeks when I was induced!! My next two were scheduled c-sections and a couple of times I thought I was going into labor before the scheduled date, but wasn't sure. Turned out to be BH. BH can be quite convincing!!!


Mellissa - July 9

yeah, i was induced with my daughter too, so i'm afraid i'm not going to know when it's the real thing! lol. it's a crazy waiting game, but i am sooo hoping this little boy comes on his own, without the help of pitocin!!!


ashley - July 10

just saw you posted over here Mellissa. wanted ot see how things were.


Mellissa - July 10

this are good ashley... just getting tired of my in-laws wishing this baby would come already. lol. they're making me feel like i have to be doing something to speed things up, but i'm really ok with him staying in a little longer. all my friends keep calling asking if i'm in labor yet and i'm like, "no, i still have a week and a half till my due date, call me then!" why is everyone else so anxious?!?!?!


Catrina - July 10

I'm at the same point as you, Mellissa, my due date is July 20. But I'm not nearly as patient! I am so ready for her to come that I'm getting irritated with people and crying for no reason at all! I found out I was pregnant when I was only about 2 weeks though and it feels like I've been pregnant FOREVER!!! But about your in-laws and friends, don't worry I get the same thing! It can be annoying, especially when people say 'Hasn't that baby come yet?' It's like 'Yes she came and I'm hiding her under the bed!' What a silly question!! But I guess it would be pretty depressing if no one cared so I bite my tongue and try not to complain too much! Have the contractions carried on? I have Braxton Hicks really frequently but they don't hurt and they aren't regular at all, so I guess you're closer than I am!!!


Kelly416 - July 10

Wow mellissa, you sound just like me! Except for the continuious Braxton Hicks, I get them every so often. My First the induced me 3 days after my due date (3years ago), and With this one well, my due date has changed so many times from july 30th, to july 19th, and they thought maybe july 9th... So im not sure If im past due or If I still have a week left. If you are really concerned about how often your BH contractions the best thing to do is just go to the hospital the next time it happens, With you being so close, you never know!


Mellissa - July 10

catrina, yeah my due date is july 20th too. i know what you mean about being glad people care. i'm lucky in the respect that i have a ton of people tracking my progress. :) my MIL just cracks me up sometimes.. she says to me, "you you poor thing, you must be sooo miserable!" i'm like, "actually, i'm not." i gained 50 pounds with my daughter and went two weeks over (in texas during a heat wave over 110 degrees +).. this time i've only gained 28 pound so far (living in colorado, highest it's been is 97 degrees)and feel fine, other than some hip pain. it's like she feels sorry for me, and i still have a week and a half till i'm due! lol. kelly, that's crazy that they keep changing your due date!! are they using u/s to determine it, or other factors? my contractions aren't regular anymore, but i'm definitely still getting them, and when i try to walk through them i get these really sharp pains in my leg joints. oh well.. i'm just going to enjoy being pregnant as long as i'm comfortable!



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