Big Baby Birth Stories

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Olivene - June 24

Hi, Did you have a big baby? Did everything go okay? It looks like my little girl might be a big one. Just looking for some perspective on this! Tell me your story!


Bonnie - June 24

We expected Mason to be a 9-10 pounds or more baby. He was 8 pounds exactly. He was too big to drop though and could not fit through my pelvis I pushed for 2 1/2 hours and ended up with a c-section. The only thing I regret is pushing so long as he had a ma__sive bruise after. other than that I really miss the whole experience of labor. I had an epi so was pain free and I really enjoyed every bit of it. (okay...well, MOST of it, lol)


Roary - June 25

That sounds very upsetting Bonnie. Thankfully everything turned out in the end. I was a 9 lb 10 oz baby delivered naturally with no complications. My son is supposed to weigh in at the 10+ lbs range--given doctors estimations. He is due in early July. I will let you know what happens. :) I think they are probably right about his size though, because I am measuring ahead by many weeks and he just feels really heavy.


lilmomma88 - June 25

My son was due last monday and I am scheduled for induction tomarrow morning. When I had an ultrasound about 4 weeks ago, he weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces, so the doctors estimate he will be about 9 to 9 1/2 pounds. Plus my boyfriend is 6'7 so he's going to be a long baby. I'll let you know what happens in a couple days!


numba1cutie6t9 - June 25

i am 5'2 my husbands 5'5 and I had my baby 2 weeks early. He was estimated to be around 7 pounds and was almost 9.


numba1cutie6t9 - June 25

oh yea and 22 3/4 inches long


yas2000 - June 25

hi wanna heasr my expercience???i try to make it it goes... Both my sons were big babies..i am only 5 foot 4 and my first boy was 9lb 8oz. the birth was quite traumatic....i was in labour 36 hours!!! i was in the final stages in the last 12 hours and pushing stage for about 1.5 hours! he turned sideways at the last minute getting stuck by his shoulders and i had three doctors try techniques to turn him...(yep with their hand and whole forarm!!!)...then using ventuse which failed and finally forceps....he had a ma__sive bruise on his face..i was exhausted and had a cut as well....i was on epidural was exhausted and felt too sick for the first couple of hours to hold or feed him...thankfully he never was distressed...i had been told i may have a last minute c-section if they failed to turn him...but there was one midwife there who knew how important it was for me to deliver him she ketp urging me on to push....and that i can do it....anyway...he was a healthy boy and althouhg i think the birth did effect him somewhat..(he is an overly intelligent but quite hyper and emotionally charged individual) i was lukcy all wnet well..but it did prepare me for the next birth which i made sure went the way I wanted it too incase it was big baby again!. for one...i knew that i would do anything possible to ry and go into labour if i was told i had another possible 9 pounder. i i promised myself i would have the baby 2 weeks early...i did my regular pelvic excercises, vowed never to use epidural again, would make sure i was mobile during labour...and practised my all was worthwhile..i began my hot baths from week 36.5, was totally focussed on the birth, had s_x (sorry tmi as my husband wanted to make sure the first birth expercience didn't repeat itself..LOL) squatted and bounced on cushions on the sofa as muhc as i could and used the finger method and nipple stimulation method and BAM on the dot at 38 weeks 2 weeks before the due date i went into labour. it started on a friday (the third attempt of s_x in the afternoon) had contractions all friday night and by saturday morning they were quite strong...went to hospital at 8, was 4 cm dilated, and progressed quickly by 10-11 o'clock at whihc time my waters finally broke and i was fully dilated 20 minutes later..bu 12 i began pushing and my second son was born 1pm at 8lb 13 oz!!!so almost another 9 pounder!!!, no drugs, no monitors, no tools, no 20 doctors and nurses, no stress, no tears or cuts...lots of shouting and fainting episodes LOL but it was the perfect birth....he is/ was the most calmest baby the ward and still is today!!!!in every sense...pure text book!! the moral of my story.....try to be be in control of the birth as much as possible, do what you want to do on the day, listen to your body, remove fear and anxiety out of you mind, know that many women do this in the least medical favourable position in other parts of the world...they are no better than you....and breath in deeply as ech contraction appears...and hold your breath at the most painful moment of each contraction, then SLOWLY with the rythem of the contraction breath out....don't stay immobile and lay in bed even with monitors move about at the spot (squatting twas tthe best position for me i feel) or in your room... try and focus on the pushing and aim for the finish line that will take your mind of the pain..,..use drus by all means if you need to...but i would prefer those taking the edge of the pain from the epidural as i feel with that one you have no idea or feel of what you are doing..and that is being out of control...whihc is the worst thing really... i wish you all the lukc and promise you..if yuor confidant and happy so will be your birth!!!!


Bonnie - June 25

The only thing that made it upsetting was that I went into labor at night and my doc was not on call. He had actually scheduled me for a c-section later in the week. He felt that when a baby sits up as high as Maosn was on me and had not dropped, there is generally a reason. (He was so high I didn't need a bra, lol.) It made sense to me. But at the hospital they seem appalled that my doc didn;t even want to try induction first. It kind of put me on the spot so I just did what they wanted. Turns out my doc had been right after all.


ashley - June 26

what is the finger method?


AmandaManns - June 26

Well my son was expected to be around 8 lbs the doctor said. He scheduled me to be induced a week early just because I was due the day after x-mas and we wanted him to be here before then. I went in a 5:00 a/m on December 19th and did not have Kale until 3:15a/m on December 20th. I was 3-4 cm dialted when I went in and once I made it to 5 cm I got an epidural and I got stuck at 5 cm for like 8 hours. Then once I got past 5 cm it took my like 2 hours to dialted the rest and I was ready to push at 1:10 a/m. Well needless to say that Kale was coming out "sunny side up" as his doctor put it which was making me have terrible back labor. And I pushed and pushed for 2 hours and they finally said well it is either we try to vacuum or we do a c-section. Well of course I wanted to do the vacuum and right after they put that on and once push later he was out. When he came out we could tell he was a big boy and he was 10 lbs even and was 21 inches long. Because he was in for so long and I pushed for so long his little face was sooooo bruised for like the first 24 hours. He also had a big bruise on his head from the vacuum which is still there today 6 months later, but it is a lot lighter.


julesnac - June 27

my boy was 8 lbs 13 oz, 21-3/4 long, but i am only 5'1". i understand the not needing a bra thing :-) i was dialated to 4 cm when i checked into the hospital with horrible back labor. mine was also sunny side up as amanda put it (cute). i also made it to 5 cm after being induced. after being stuck there for a few hours, the baby's heart rate spiked and they decided to do a section.


piratesmermaid - June 27

I'm a little worried that my girl is going to be a bit on the big side if she goes all the way until her due date. At exactly 37 weeks, I had an internal and asked my doctor if he could estimate about how big she was right then, and he said she was around 7 lbs or just under more than likely. If she goes to July 15th, she could be 8 1/2 - 9 lbs. At my next appointment I'm going to ask what my doctor would recommend doing if it looks like she's getting too big for me to handle.


yas2000 - June 27

the finger method is the method where you insert your index and middle finger(s) (clean beforehand and no long nails of course) into your v____a (sorry tmi) and try and feel the tip of your cervix..that stimulates the lining and helps with the induction...i kept doing this every now and again from week 37....everytime i was in the can do it while sitting on the toilet with one leg raised or standing will irritate the cervix and help programme your body to release hormones that thin the cervix....nipple stimulation can be achived with the help f you partner..(LOL), rubbing of your nipples or even a b___st bath and s_x are the most effective methods and i think push things along very rapidely.... please for anyone else who is reading all consult with your doctors or midwives first before trying anything as drastic as myself..i knew for sure my baby was huge and ready to be 3 doctors confirmed that the lungs were fully developed and it sixe was well above 7lb...and was told i may be induced artificially..(which is something i definately didnt want without giving my own body a chance to prepare itself and hence tried my own home remedies...for a more natural pregression in case i needed to get induced aritificially... i think although some may be physical..the success in any birth whether large baby or other complications is quite heavily influenced by mind set....i am only a small person yet i managed to give birht naturally...because each time i was determined i can do it....and i did...but dont depair if you can't...ultimately a healthy baby and a healthy you is the most imposrtant resulty of any birth experience....



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