Big Headed Son

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Haley - October 27

I'm a few days from being 37wks and my Dr. told me that he wants to induce me on Nov. 7th. He told me that our son's head is large and I'm already measuring 3wks ahead of what I am, and the Dr. predicts that the baby is almost 8lbs already. He is having me have another ultrasound on the 3rd just to make sure that hes ok. Any advice anyone can give me that has a big headed baby?! Has anyone had serious complications due to a baby's head being too large.


Me - October 27

You may need an episiotomy because my sons head was big and he got stuck in the birth ca___l. His head was like the people from coneheads until the doctors shaped it. They had to cut me though or it could have gotten bad. Otherwise everything was okay. Good luck!


Bonnie - October 27

Big headed? Sounds like a typical male to me :P (Sorry Haley, I know it's not advice but your post made me giggle)


lacie - October 27

My first son was supposed to be large also.. They told me to expect a TEN pound baby at least... My son was delivered by c-section after some complications but weighed only 8lbs. That was after sonograms and all... I think everything will be fine for you just keep positive!


doc's can be wrong - October 28

doctors can be off when they are guessing the weight of the baby. I was told that the baby would be about seven pounds..went in labor that night he was eight. Then with my little one all the nurses and the doctor said oh that's gonna be a small baby you're not very big. He was born the next day 8lbs 5 ozs. Guesstimates are not very reliable they can be very off either way


jessie - October 30

i agree with docs can be wrong. They told me that my son was probably overdue (irregular periods so no deffinate due date) and that he was pushing 9 + lbs. He induced labor and my son was born at 6 lbs 14 oz almost a full lb smaller than my daughter!! I don't think that he was ever "done" yet.


Haley - November 3

I had my ultrasound today and they measured him and gave me an idea of his weight using the measurements. His head is about 10.5 cm across and he weights about 8lbs 2oz. He hasnt dropped hardly at all and Im only dialated about 1cm so the doctor is having me go into the hospital on saturday to ripen my cervix and then he will induce me on sunday the 6th. Im very nervous. Plus he said if the baby wont deliver by the afternoon on sunday that he will have to do a c-section.


Jodie - November 6

My son had a big head and as he was 2 weeks overdue it had started to harden. I could feel him coming all the way down, it felt like i was being torn in 2 but i wasnt and only had a small tear in my perineum, i also had a short labour


Ashlie - November 7

I was induced at 39wks because of large baby, my sons head was measuring close to 10cm based on sonogram at 38wks and it also measured him to be 8lbs when I delivered him the next week he was 8lbs 15oz and I had one very little tear, but all in all a complete drug free labor and it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. he is now 11 days old and I am back to work already. (they let me take him with) good luck, everything will work out great im sure!



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