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JANE - August 20



Mya - June 17

Well I not sure ,but I just gave birth to a girl and I poo right before it was time to give birth


Melissa - June 19

If your intestines have feces in them and you are pushing like all hell, than yes, you will probably eventually poop. If you clean out your system, which is very common during labor, many times the pressure of the baby coming down pushes against your intestines and causes you to get rid of your feces. This is the best way because then you don't poop while pushing out your baby. If you do, it is not the end of the world and your doctor, or your partner, will not think you are discusting. This is a natural thing that happens everyday when women give birth. Don't worry about it!


Eva - June 22

I never did poop, but when I was told that the baby's heart started to decelerate, and that he had to come out NOW, I pushed so hard I peed on the doctor! I am pregnant with my second...same doctor, I am due in a couple of weeks, i hope it doesn't happen again!


anonymous - June 27

this was the most embara__sing experience of my life but I too just b4 giving birth shat all over the floor. So obviously it's a natural thing I just hope it doesn't happen this time


tammy - July 20

One way to stop this from happening is to have an enema. while i was having my second son i also pooped from the pushing, it might not have been so embarresing but the doctor acted like it was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen and he was mad at me "for not cleaning my bowels out before hand". when i had my third child i did not use the same doctor or hospital, but at the hospital where i had my baby gave enemas as a routine procedure and i thought that was a great idea because you didn't have to worry about the mess. i am expecting my fourth child in august and i have put in my birth plan to have an enema to avoid going through what i went through with my second son but also to put me at ease. it is really a personal choice for a woman to make.


olga - August 20

i gave birth a month ago could i still get pregnant after a month


Anna - December 8

How does it feel to have an enema though, I am worried I could start to contract whilst on the toilet.


Shaletta - December 11

I've given birth 4 times, and i never once did that, i had an 8 pound girl this past Saturday, a week ago, and i didn't then either.


? - December 11

Not always. I did once, out of three births. I've heard enemas are worse than pooing.



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