Bit Embarrassed About This

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sunny - January 26

when the time comes to give birth, will my pubic area need to be shaved?


reply - January 26

i wouldn't shave it but i trimmed mine so it would look like a bush, you know. But you don't have to shave it but you can if you want to but i would suggest just a good ol' trimming..


E - January 26

I plan to clean up down there. It will be difficult b/c I can't see it due to my belly size:) A bikini wax for sure and some trimming. I do not think they shave women anymore.


Christine - January 27

The only time that they shave I believe is when you are going for a c section...not during v____al births


KM - January 31

If you don't usually shave, then you don't have to. I found it was convenient, because I was in so much pain waiting for them to prep my surgery, I was glad they didn't have to take the extra time to shave it. Because if you have a section, it needs to be. Also, I find it would be better because if you need an episiotomy they can see what theyre doing a little easier.


sacha - February 2

im nt sure cud u tell me when u find out pls lol.


i wouldn't bother - February 2

Hi i just had my baby 3wks ago and i tried to tidy up down there i couldn't see what i was doing because i was a whale and ended up cutting myself to shreds! Believe me when the time comes your mind is on other things, then what down there looks like. you loose all pride when u have a baby you have all sorts of people looking up there to see whats going on by the end of it you dont really care who see's your "privates" let alone care what they look like.


Angela - February 4

For my first child, I planned to shave before I went in, but when the time came there was no way I was going to take the time and effort to shave (without being able to see!). With this pregnancy, I tried to shave before a pelvic exam and just ended up cutting myself. When the time comes, I doubt you'll care whether you have hair or not. The nurses and doctors have seen it all before anyway.


Ness - February 5

Hey in my personal opinion I think it is better to be shaved. Even though I can't see down there myself and am 38 weeks I shave slowly and feel it out. I think that it helps for the doctor to see better when examining the area and speeds up the process and just makes it easier on them.


K - February 16

I found that my husband's hair clippers worked great for a trim, since I couldn't see to maneuver. The guard on it prevented me from getting cut, so I could do it with my eyes closed.



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