Bloody Show Dilating

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Marnie - January 2

Wondering if I will still have a bloody show when OB told me 2 weeks ago that I was 2cm dilated and 80% thinned. Can anyone tell me? Was due yesterday.


Lynn - January 28

I don't see why not. Some women lose this before they are completely thinned out and up to 2 weeks before labor starts while for others it may not dislodge until cervix has opened more.


angie - January 29

Mine came out already and still my labor isn't progressing. It's different for everyone. Sometimes, you may not even notice you have pa__sed the mucous plug becuase it comes out like a thick discharge. You may have had it come out and wiped it away with toilet paper after you peed without knowing it.


jen - February 9

hey i lost mine 2 wks ago and nothing but if you are dialating it means you have lost the plug. the plug is what blocks your cervex closed so once you lose it you begin to thin out and dialte good luck


betty - February 10

Hie i just lost mine this week but iam only 34 wks i do not know if i will have my baby early


Nicole - February 11

I am 40 weeks pregnant and started with a bloody show 3 days ago. Gynae gave me an internal today to check my cervix. He confirmed that the mucous plug is dislodging, but no dilation of the cervix as yet. Baby could only come in a few days. And so, we wait...


lisa - June 8

I don't have and answer but i do have a question i had my doc appoint. today and i have been dialated for 3 weeks now at 2 centameters fully thinned and he sauid he did something to speed things along and it hurt real bad now i have nbeen cramping and have been having light bleeding for 7 hours now i don't know for sure but i thingk i lost a little bit of my mucas plug i need to know is it supposed to bleed this long during your bloody show?


ashley - September 15

I was 2 cm on 9-13-05 and 75% thinned. I am not due till 10-02-05. I lost my mucous plug at 6:00 a.m. this morning when I went to the bathroom. I wonder if that means I have dialated more?


Kim - September 17

I have lost mine, I believe, but was wondering if there is always a "bloddy show" or of it may appear to just be mucus or thick discharge. If so, my dr. told me that labor will most likely begin in 24-48 hours... anyone have experience with this? this is our first.


Julie - September 21

Wondering the same thing. I'm 36 weeks pregnant, and woke up with some bleeding. Only experienced the bleeding one time. Is this bloody show?


Jennifer - September 22

I am 38 weeks. Lost my mucous plug 1 week ago. i went to the doctor yesterday & I have only progressed 1 cm, so now I am at 4. Today , I have experienced some bleeding when I go to the restroom & some cramping in my back & lower stomach.



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