Bowel Movement During Delivery

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christina - October 13

Is it common to have a bowel movement during delivery?


Rachel.R - October 14

I have heard that it is.. Everyone that I know has had a bowel movement during delivery.


Just me - October 15

It's very common actually. Lots of doctors and nurses are used to it. Most actually tell you to "push like you're having a bowel movement" so if it actually happens they don't care and it means you are pushing right. I actually think I did myself with my first baby but I was so out of it I don't remember for sure. If it happens it's ok.


nelly - October 15

yes, and its perfectly normal and everyone on the delivery team is used to it. I didnt with my first but I did with my second and I was having her naturally and I did not care.


C - October 15

My husband told me I did and I remember I thought I did, and right after my doctor changed the pad that was down there. You will not care at the time.


jude - October 15

yes it usually happens,however if you go into labour naturally your body usually prepares for birth..and very often you'll have loose bowel movements for 1-2 days to empty them..i've had 4 kids,3 induced with bowel movement and one that came on her own without


Michelle - October 16

It is very common. The bowel is squished completely flat by the baby's head. Anything in there will come out like squeezing a toothpaste tube. No one will care, especially not you! I also had four babies and went into labor on my own with 3. I had a bm with two of the natural and not the induction.


Lacey - October 19

Im still worried about it. I've had 3 babies... 2 induced, one natural and it hasnt happened yet (*as far as I noticed). It's not the delivery team I care about... I think my husband would just die though if he saw that.


mommy-to-be - October 19

I totally understand why you are concerned. I'm so worried that i will have a bm or even fart. :) My fiance won't care, i know that for a fact but i just think that it would be very embara__sing. is it hard bm or diareah like????


hi - October 21

Ladies, when your in labor and your pushing having a bm is going to be the last thing on your mind, the nurses see it all the time, its natural, nobody ever says anything about it. I was worried about it too with my first, but when it came down to end, you don't care about anything except pushing that baby out ant the pain stopping. You'll see. Good luck


kim j - October 21

i didnt even know that i did with my first. i just asked my hubby a few days ago after reading on ot snd he said i is no biggie..



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