Braxton Hick S 21 Weeks

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Jamie - December 3

I have been expeiriencing braxton hicks already and I'm worried about having a job that keeps you on you feet all day...I heard it can cause pre term labor and I want to have a full term doc said if I get more than 4 in an hour go home,they only happen @ work..did any one else expeirience this????


Christine - December 3

You need to ask your doc to write you a note for work...if you do retail or something like that your employer should be able to find you a position doing something that keeps you off of your feet for the better part of the shift...I have had them on and off since about 16 weeks I think...I was worried at first cause they seemed like it was too early and coming to much..but this is my 3rd pregnancy so I guess it is heard of..anyway I'm now 21 weeks and dont seem to get them nearly as much...good luck


Jessica - January 22

I am 24 weeks and getting them like crazy too. This is my second baby and with the first I only started having them at 36 weeks so I don't know what to think either.


kara - January 25

I am 24 weeks and have been getting them regularly. I am also on my third pregnancy. I seem to notice them the most when I am on my feet or yelling at my 2 year old.


catherine - February 12

I worked about 80 hours a week with my son's pregnancy. I had braxton hicks starting at 14 weeks. I also only had them at work. I wouldn't worry too much as long as you let your Dr. know about them. My son had to be induced so they didn't help me at all. I didn't think I would have them this much with this current pregnancy b/c I am not working, they are now stronger and more frequent than they were with my son, they did start closer to the end though. My u/s tech told me contractions start from very early we just can't usually feel them that early. Good Luck!


julia - February 19

i am 21 weeks and have been experiencing braxton hicks, i didnt get them with my first baby until 36 weeks, i think they are normal, like you said, we just cant feel them early on. Dont worry too much.


Krystal - February 25

I am almost 22 wks. I have been having b/h contractions for 2 wks. At first, I thought I pulled a muscle - it was too soon for contractions right?!? My braxtons are not very frequent (avg 2 a day) but sometimes 3 in an hour. They are extremely painful - more painful than my real labor contractions from my last child thru 3 cm dilated! They bring me to tears & scare my husband. 2 days after my first braxton, I started having back spasms, and have had an almost constant backache since. I seem to be carrying this baby extremely low - I have pressure in my lower abdomen and sometimes it hurts to walk or sit!. Has anyone had any of these experiences? Please give advice!


kirsty - February 26

yes this is baby number three and i had braxton hicks since around 16 weeks with all my pregnancys


Sandra Saltsman - March 23

I am 34 weeks pregnant and experiencing mestratal like cramping non stop with a very tender cervix and v____a.Is this normal what does it mean!


mary - April 5

im 23 weeks and i too experience them


Brittney - September 6

I am almost 24 weks pregnant and I have been having Braxton hicks, This is my 2nd, I did not have them with my first. they started on a say around 3 pm, lasted allthrough the night and the next day on Monday I was just fine. My quetion is how often will these come?


Nelly to Britteny - September 6

I did not have tem with my 1st pregnancy either but I started having them at 18 weeks with my 2nd I had them throughout my entire pregnancy and I never had any problems with them. My daughter was born just 1 week early. And I had several a day everyday sometimes 3 and 4 an hour. There is really no way to estimate how often it will happen. Mine were very irregular and all the time.Lots of Luck:)


Steph - March 5

With my 1st I never really felt them. With my 2nd they started at 28 weeks. With my 3rd (currently) they started in week 26. I don't have a job, but I do plenty of yard work, house work, and lifting my 3 yr old and 2 yr old....I'm not concerned as my 2nd was born on her due date and all the contractions I had (some even 3 minutes apart) did nothing to put me into preterm labor.


lynne - March 8

i am 27 weeks with my first and i started having them at about 13 weeks and at first my doc didnt think that was what they where but it is my mom had 8 children and tells me not to worry she had them early with most of us.



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