Braxton Hicks At 31 Weeks

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s - October 22

how soon do you start feeling these? ive already been to the hospital because i was having contractions at 28 weeks, and im still feeling them sometimes, but i dont know what im looking for. what exactly are braxton hicks, and what is the difference?


Melissa - October 22

Braxton hicks are just your body's way of saying, "hey I know what I'm doing " in a sense. With my first child I started feeling them at 27 weeks and freaked out... but my dr. told me that it happens in some woman very early on. Walk around or lay on your side. If it is false labor (braxton Hicks) They will go away. Also They will be inconsistant in timing. Hope this helps and good luck :)


suzan - October 22

you can get them starting as early as 5mths and you can have them for the rest of your pregnacy....the difference is Braxton Hichs are irragular and wont make you dialate or thin out and actual contractions make you dialate and thin (of course) and they come when your ready to deliver can have them for a while before labor though....B/H they feel like the baby balling up and active contractions feel like cramps going from the top of your belly to the bottom while the balling up feeling and are regular


s - October 22

when i went to the hospital, they told me i was having contractions. does this mean i was having false labor, and therefore braxton hicks, or was it actually the real thing? they sent me home telling me i was in pre-mature labor, because i was only 28 weeks. i am just worried, because while i remember what they felt like, i dont know what bh feels like, and i dont know if i should be going back to the hospital or not. yesterday i started having contractions again, i dont know if they were bh, or not, but they were a little less consistant than the ones i had a few weeks ago. im just so worried. i want my baby to be totally healthy, and im only 31 weeks. well, im basically 32, but still.. that is way too early to go into labor, right? im really nervous. thanks again, ladies.


Felise - October 25

I was just at the hospital for Braxton Hicks at 28 weeks. They say that unless you have more than 6 in an hour that you should just rest and drink lots of fluid. They gave me a shot to stop them, but I'm still having about 2 an hour. I hope it's nothing, but it's still stressful to be counting contractions this early. I keep hoping they'll ease up and/or go away completely. Has anyone else experienced this?


Jodie - October 28

I starting getting Braxton Hicks from around 16 weeks, very early on. They started not to long after i felt the baby first move. I was worried at first but my midwife told me that it was because my baby was very active (he never stopped moving) and that was stimulating my uterus. They increased in intensity and got more regular as my pregnancy went on. I remember from about 34 weeks it was hard to drive because the braxton hicks would make my legs freeze as my belly tensed. Very interesting experience the first time that happened! Good luck


Mandi - March 22

My last Period was Aug. 19 - 29 in 2005 and i was wondering how far along would i be since that is my last period please help me out thanks alot. and can oyu give me a for sure due date when the baby could be born thanks.


to mandi - March 22

no one on this board could give you an estimate of how far along you could be, or give you an exact due date. the best thing for you to do is go to a doctor.


mongosmrs. - March 24

Braxton Hicks are practice contractions that can sometimes be very easily confused with real contractions. They can come sporatically, or they can come every five minutes, but Braxton Hicks will not result in the dilation or effacement of the cervix and will usually go away when you either change positions or move around. If that doesn't work, try laying down on your left side and allow yourself to relax. Even the most seasoned moms to be can be fooled by these imposters and it can be very disappointing (as well as frustrating) to make that trip to the L&D in the middle of the night only to be sent home. For some women, labor is unmistakeable, but for others, it can be very subtle and hard to distinguish. Just remember, it's far wiser to err on the side of caution than it is to risk having your baby at home or in the backseat of a car on the side of an interstae.



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