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Erica - December 16

i am due with baby #3 on x-mas day. last monday the doc. said i was 3 cm. and 80 % eff. then two days ago i lost my plug. i thought i would be in labor by now!!!! i get some b/h contractions but not labor pains :( any other ladies out there have any idea as to when i will go into labor? tonight? tomorrow? i really dont want to give the baby her eviction notice by inducing ect........ i think im just going stir crazy b/c im sooooo close uggggg. thanks!


Christine - December 17

Erica there really is no way to know...you are 3 cm and 80% effaced...it wont be long...but you could go until your due date, even a little after...the doctor probably wont be inducing until you are late...(eviction notice) thats cute...just hang in there...it cant be much longer now and you will be holding your baby...good luck


erica on cloud 9 - December 22

i had my baby the next day on the 17th, only 5 hours and 15 minutes of labor!!!!!!!! i was able to have her natural and everything turned out perfect for the both of us. thanks for listening to me groan. but boy was i ever ready to have my little girl.


Christine - December 22

congrats...and have a wonderful christmas...I only wish I was due soon...I have till April..


Jessica - December 23

Congratulations on your baby girl. You are so lucky to have such a short labor. My luck I will be in there for days. lol :)


erica - December 23

thank you!!!!!! :) april is really right around the corner. get stuff done now!!!! i waited b/c i got so very tired in the end. now i have a ton to do!!! i cant take my eyes off of my baby though LOL. as far as my labor...... i consider it an early xmas gift. with my fist son it took over 24 hours from start to finish and with my second little boy it was 12 hours. i never thought i would have her THIS fast. i got to the hosp. at 8 am (i woke up at 4) and she was born at 9:11 am. when my doc. said that we were going to have a baby in an hour i thought she was nuts!!!!!!! good luck to you guys!!!!! i love chatting about this stuff. is this the first baby for the both of you??



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