Can Contractions Happen In Your Back

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Melody - March 5

I'm due anytime now, and all day I've been having menstrual-like cramps in my lower back. They've been pretty frequent, and quite painful, but I don't know what contractions are supposed to feel like. I've had so many false alarms, I'm almost embarassed to go to the emergency room again. There is no pain in my abdomen, but my uterus is definitely tightening up. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.


agtemt - March 5

You can deffinatly have contractions inyour back. I had back labor with both of my other pregnancies. But it wasnt just cramping, it was PAIN. ive never really heard of any one who had back labor that did not really really complain of alot of pain. So it is possible but_tsnot gu\aranteed that , that is what you are experiencing. Good luck and hopefully thisbaby will come soon.Im in the sam boat as you had contractions for over an hour today and every 3 1/2 minutes............but then they stopped. Oh well.


Amy - March 5

Hey. I have had cramp like pains in my back and abdomen. I have been having them since friday night late. Seems like they are tryin to get a hair stronger too. I posted in the third trimester forum my question about this. I am 33 weeks, due april 29th. Have lost my mucous plug and cervix is soft. Other than that, I do not know anything else. I could be dilated and not know it i guess. just really not sure. But anyhow, best of luck to you and keep us informed ok? :):):)


Amy - March 5

I forgot to mention that I have had few false alarms myself. I even mentioned one time to the nurse that i was sorry that it was a false alarm and she told me not to worry about it cuz they would rather me come in and find out all is good rather than sit at home and something be wrong. It is there job and there is nothing to be embara__sed about. If you are really worried, I would go in to have it checked out. I know that if these pains i have been having do not stop and they get worse, I will be goin in too. My next appt. is friday the 10th and i am not sure i could wait that long to find out what is goin on. once again, best of luck and keep us informed ok? :):):)


Ladies! - March 5

Especially last post, Amy, please, 33 weeks is too early for your baby, yes, they can survive, but I wouldn't care if I had 15 false alarms, I would go to the ER!!!! I had a baby boy at 33 weeks and he was ILL...he spent 3 weeks in the NICU with IV's in his head, breathing apparatus, less than optimal nutrition as he wasn't supposed to be born. He endured a lot of pain and suffereing and I think you should go and try to have that labor stopped if that is what you are experiencing. Good luck, preemies are NO fun and it will break your heart to see them in the NICU. To original poster, yes, you can definately have contractions that present in the back, good luck!


Melody - March 5

Thanks, Amy. My next apt. is also on the 10th, but I will be 4 days overdue then. I can remember having pains like this when I was around 30 weeks or so, but they went away when I stopped working. Are you on your feet alot? This is the first time I've had any pains since I left work. Then again, my cervix just started to thin...and I lost my mucous plug about 2 weeks ago. This is my first pregnancy, so I have no idea what's going on.... I guess we'll just see what happens. Thanks for responding and good luck!


Amy - March 5

I am a carhop at sonic. I was working 5 days a week 40 + hours, but I talked with my manager and he worked something out with me to where I could try like 2 to 3 days a week no more than 5 hours a day. So, we are seing how that works out. I told him that I would like to work as far into the pregnancy as I could. There was one day that baby started pushing down really really hard and brought me to the floor. I was helped to a chair to sit down and my manager sent me home. He was very understanding. I am glad to have a manager like him. He is very understanding person. Do you work still?


pbj - March 6

Poor thing. Yes you can...I had back labor and had a lot of pain. The nurse told me that back labor is much harder to deal with. Just be sure they are regular for one hour and then you are in labor...Good luck!


Erin1979 - March 6

Back labour sucks! I feel for you. Mine started really bad the night before I went into labour. Ultimately, it is what made me decide to get the epidural. Best of luck to you!


Amy - March 6

Hey. I called ob last night and told them about my pains. They told me to try laying down on left side and taking tylenol and if that did not help then to come in. Well, it did not seem to help really last night but i got up this morning and only had 2 pains. They just stopped which makes me feel really good. lol. Now, problems I am having today is it is really hot lol. I turned the air on i am burnin up so bad lol. I have been loungin around all day. I go in to work tomorrow, thursday and friday. friday is my next appointment also. Does anyone know if you can request an internal exam on your appointments just to make sure everything is going ok? I have 7 weeks and 5 days left to go. Due on the 29th of april and I really can not wait lol. I am ready to hold my lil princess lol. Melody, I hope everything with you is ok. Keep us informed ok girl? Hope all is well:)


twist - March 8

Melody, it might not actually be "back labour", my labour cramps started in my back, then I gradually started feeling them in the front as well, and my labour was super easy. It is quite normal to feel the cramps in your back as well as abdomen, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to have a back labour.


melody - April 5

Well, as it turns out, I was in labor the night I posted this question. I was pretty unsure, but decided to go to the hospital anyway. My contractions were already 2 minutes apart by the time I got there. So, apparently, I was experiencing back labor, and let me tell you, it only got worse. It was a horribly painful labor, even the epidural didn't ease any of the pain. But, 18 hours later, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. SO...when in doubt, don't be afraid to go to the hospital. That's what they're there for.


melody - April 5

By the way, Amy, I hope all is going well, and that you haven't gone into preterm labor. Let me know how you're doing....I'll try to check this again, but I don't have nearly as much time with a month old baby in my arms all the time!! :) Good luck


kristi16 - April 6

I am due April 11th and I have had horrible back pain for about a week now. And I do mean horrible...I have to take baby steps and I look like a penguin when I walk, ha! How would I even know if I were having contractions in my back or having back labor? The pain is just constant and nothing I do, or position I get in will relieve it. Any advice?


corinne - April 6

Hey Kristi16 try taking a warm bath on your side it helps out tramendously.


kristi16 - April 6

Thanks Corinne! If it feels that much better maybe I could stay in the tub til I deliver! LOL!


Heather L - April 7

Get on all fours and rock slowly for about 20 minutes. That is what SAVED me when I had back labor. Back labor hurts ALOT!!!!! But I still managed to have my baby without any pain meds. So if you are feeling back pains now.....try getting on all fours. It helps relieve the pressure on your back. Just do it for 15-20 minutes then take a break. Good luck! :)



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