Can Raspberry Tea Help Induce Labour Naturally

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Elena - December 30

i am almost 40 week and i am trying the tea but also they says that s_x is good so have fun...


chrissie - December 30

its ment to tone your uterus to help labor and recovery....i know a lot of ppl that drink one cup in the first trimester 2 cups in the 2nd and 3 in the third...i started drinking it at 36weeks and i'm still preggers....i have been having alot of contractions but i'm not feeling any of them physically only can tell i'm having them when i feel my tummy and its tight, maybe that's the tea working? but its not gonna induce you, your baby will come when he's ready. i read one ivilage that when he's ready he sends this horomone to the placenta and that triggers labor to start...


fidelia - January 2

i'm 39wks gone and quite tired of it all, i'm not even sure wot contractions are meant to feel like so i don't know if i've had any. please can anyone give me a non-academic explanation of wot they feel like? thanks


chezed - January 7

hi, i used rasberry leaf tea for 5 days then went into labour 12 days early and had a quick and relatively easy labour, i was unaware that i was even in labour until my sons head was literally hanging out, no joking, the contractions were very controlled, i do believe that the tea helped that.


ryegracen - January 12

I am 39 + 3 weeks prego. this is my thrid. I have been 3 cms for 2 weeks. I bought the tea today. i just dont want to go voer in my dates, and have been scared to do the castor oil thing. How long before i can expect some results?


alice - January 30

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have it ready to start drinking at 40 weeks my sister used it in both her pregnancies and it worked straight away by enducing her laubour.


Nicole - February 14

Not sure on Raspberry tea but believe slipper elm does the trick


Wendy - February 22

This sounds wonderful, is it just something I can go to the grocery store and buy or do I have to go to a vitamin store or something to get, also I've seen some contradictions on here, I'm only 18 wks is it something that it I take it now it will help me in labor or do I have to wait a few more months to start taking it, I don't plan on doing anything until I talk to my ob, but has anyone asked their ob about it and been told that it was safe to use?? thank you


edev - February 26

People make the mistake of just buying raspberry tea. That wont put you into labor. You actually need Raspberry LEAF in the tea. Good luck


SandraKay - March 5

I started drinking this smoothie with raspberry leaf tea. It is nutritious and taste great plus it is supposed to help tone the uterus for labor. First you steep tea in hot water for about 20 min. Pour in ice cubes and freeze. Mix 6 frozen tea cubes with 1/2 c white grapefruit juice, 1/4 tsp raspberry extract and a sliced peach.


cherri - March 6

I started drinking the tea and withen a few days i effaced and started dialating. I am due thurs. and am hoping it will keep working!!


anita - March 6

where do you buy the rasp. tea leaf from?


monique - March 7

anita, you can buy the tea at a natural health food store. make sure it is raspberry LEAF tea and steep it until it's very dark. I am 37 wks with my 3rd child and i'm starting the tea in the morning. my first labour was 6 1/2 hours; my second was 2 1/2 hours. used tea with the first but was induced in hospital for the second. Even if it isn't proven to work it at least makes me feel i am DOING something other than just sitting here swelling!


Alice - March 9

I'm 41 weeks pregnant and have been taking rasberry leave caps and drinking the tea for three weeks and nothing has happened at all!!


anita - March 9

thanks monique, i'm going to try and find some today...i'm almost 39wks so hopefully it helps!


:o) - March 9

I've read about the raspberry leaf tea on the internet. And everywhere I've read says it can help with easier labor, and to strengthen the uterus. They also say it can help with recovery after labor. And it can cause constipation. Nothing actually says that it will start labor.



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