Can Raspberry Tea Help Induce Labour Naturally

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:o) - March 9

I've read about the raspberry leaf tea on the internet. And everywhere I've read says it can help with easier labor, and to strengthen the uterus. They also say it can help with recovery after labor. And it can cause constipation. Nothing actually says that it will start labor.


mrs.moon - March 15

Well I've tried the spicy Thai food, vigorous s_x and nipple stimulation so much that my DH is ready to pay someone else to do it, I've worn him out! I'm 40.2 weeks and just discovered a box of raspberry leaf tea in the cupboard so what the heck? It has to taste better than castor oil!! Good luck, y'all!


sarah h - March 16

i've been drinking it religiously since week 35 and am now 41 +3 !! so i'm thinking it does'nt bring on labour, but will perhaps help during labour.


JULIE - March 18



niya - March 19

i'm 40 weeks preg with twins tmr and haven't had any signs so far.have been drinking the tea for the past 2 days and haven't felt any contractions either.I don't think the tea is meant to work unless the baby/babies area ready to come out.


cush74 - March 19

I don't think raspberry leaf tea does anything. My best friend took it for ages and whilst in labour (I was a support person) I asked her if she thought the raspberry leaf tea was helping. She just looked at me and I swear she was going to hit me. I won't repeat the words that came out of her mouth but it went something like. "YOU KNOW WHERE YOU CAN STICK YOUR #*%$# RASPBERRY LEAF TEA!!!!!" Needless to say she didn't bother drinking it with her next two children. She opted for an epidural instead........Good choice I think!!


Nicola - March 22

I am 38+ weeks. Have being drinking raspberry leaf tea since 35wks, 3 cups a day as recommended but showing no signs as yet. So now trying pineapple and s_x.


BonnyBubble - March 23

I drank it with my 1st and i was still 2 weeks late and and had to be induced, taste evil as well


sweavers - March 23

I can't stand ANY tea. It always tastes 'earthy' to me. I have tried the raspberry leaf tea, and I have found a great way to drink it. I zest an orange peel into a mug, add your tea bag and the water. I let it steep covered for 10-15 minutes. I actually like the taste of it this way!


mrs ward - March 30

OI had an agonising 34 hr labour with my first child, opted to take raspberry leaf capsules (not extract) with my second my labour lasted 30 mins start to fininsh with no pain


jackie - March 30

Raspbery leaf def works to help relieve pain in labour i was in labour 1hr didn't make it to the hospital and had little pain, for those of you that don't like tea take it in the tablet/capsule format make sure its the real thing though not extract


elijahsmom - March 31

Yeah I have heard of it..but never tested it myself..maybe I should go get some RIGHT NOW..I am overdue! LOL


LilyJack - April 7

I have yet to try the Raspberry Leaf Tea, but after reading everything .... I will try anything at this point! I am 41 wks with my second baby and ready to be done! I have heard numerous ways to naturally induce labor, but NONE have worked for me! You can try Spimoni Ice Cream (italian) but it is VERY hard to find. Edy's makes it if you get it in the grocery store, but not all sell it. I would try a nice Italian resturaunt. I think that maybe you just have to wait and let the baby come when it's ready. It does suck when you are at the very end but I am sure it will be worth the wait!!! GOOD LUCK!!


dee23 - April 13

i wanted to avoid iron supps seeing as ive heard it makes u constipated. this rasberry tea capules stuff has iron in for those of u that r taking it, did u get constipated? (sry deap question) and are u handling it well? its not bad though right?


jadeportia - April 20

hi im 40weeks, last week i tryed bringing labour on i did everything you can think of. raspberry leaf tea, fresh pineapple , hot curry , hot bath with calary sage in it, hot water bottol on my b___bs , preasure points on my feet, s_x s_x & more s_x. anyone got any more ideas?


sa__sifras - April 20

I used it about a week and a half before my due date and nothing. They say it helps to strengthen the cervix? My doctor said the only proven method was intercourse, which was not an option for me since I was single! Walking, oh yes and nipple stimulation, which again I could not bring myself to do. Good luck!



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