Can Raspberry Tea Help Induce Labour Naturally

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Tina - April 19

No it helps with an easier labor but does not induce labor.


donna - April 22

does it have to be rasberry leaf tea or can any tea with rasberry pieces be used such as wild rasberry tea


Lisa - April 22

Yes, I believe so. This tea is a uterine stimulant. I gave birth to my daughter who was 9lbs 4oz at birth, six days after I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea. My first sign of labour was my amniotic fluid started to leak.At the hospital I was started on oxytocin and my baby girl was born ten hours later.


jo knight - April 26

i am 38 weeks diabetic need advice to induce labour baby weight about 7.5lb


Jessica - April 28

My sister is 40 weeks today and the doctor said,"see you in a week". She is READY!! This is her second child. Any suggestions to help her go into labor? She has lost her plug and is dialated to a 1. No change from last week. Any suggestions welcome...


Erica - May 1

It does not induce labor. It simply helps shapen the uterus. Basically it makes for a healthier, easier labor


Molly - May 8

I drank rasberry tea, caster oil, you name it. I was two weeks late with all three of my children. I was dialeted to three for a week with my last. The baby will come when it's ready. Don't take a chance that the baby isn't ready. Two weeks compared to the rest of you life is nothing. I am glad now my little techniques DIDN'T work. My kids were such healthy babies. They say they could be three weeks off eaith way. Just let the baby grow!


Jasmine - May 16

I'm only 34weeks pregnant (with twins) and I've started drinking raspberry leaf tea today. I wish I started earlier! It's a great sorce of iron, magnisium and maganese! Thus can help with leg cramps wich are very annoying when you've finally got comfortable enough to sleep! From what I've read it's an allround goody, but not nessarily good for inducing. It can cause misscarrige before 9 weeks. Some fators I've read have been controdictory but like anything in nature nothing is the same twice!


TK - May 16

Red raspberry is an excellent source of iron, it helps the uterus contract more effectively and can also enrich a mothers milk, help tone the uterus and prevent excess bleeding after pregnancy and even during normal menstral periods plus it tastes may not induce labor but with all the other benefits why not drink it anyway.


ann - June 29

i read not to drink rasberry leaf tea in early pregnancy as it can cause miscarriage unfortunatley i drank it at 5 wks and did miscarry not sure if coincedence or because of tea so don't risk it


sam - July 6

i am about 39 weeks and 50% effaced and my doctor recomended drinking rasberry herbal tea, she says that it helps the uterus to start to contract, so i can onl imagine it helps if my doctor recomends it. i started drinking it last night and if anything happens i will be sure to tell you guys.


jane - July 7

my m/w told me to try rasberry leaf tea as i was over my due date she said it starts you into labour thats why its advised not to drink it so early on i did drink it and wasent nice i drank cups of it and next 2-3 days my contractions started so i dont no if it was that or not


Nicole - July 12

I have been taking rasberry leaf tablets since 32 weeks, as it is supposed to tone the uterus am 36 weeks now and not a twinge.


stacey - July 12

I'm in my 39th week now and I'm thinking of trying it since I had very severe hemorraghing (sp?) after my first child. I'm just afraid of the health of the baby after drinking it?


Alicia Smith - July 13

i drank rasberry tea all night and had s_x also and she was born the next day one week before the due date.. i dont know wich metheod worked or if it was just time.


Vivi - July 18

I need to post my opinion here now. I'm sure that a lot of lady's here have tryed one thing or the other, for some it worked for others it didnt, but to go ahead in here, and say that particilar things are not affective just isnt faire to the ones who still have hope. I am in my 37th week now, and am also into trying anything. About red rasberry, i'm sure that it can help woman to go into labor, it just depends on the body, some might react well to it, others might just need some other kind of help. I had very painful contractions for two weeks before my first one was born, and was induced 8 days before my due date cause i stoped dialating at 3 cm, and just couldnt bare the pain no more. The same thing seems to be happening now, since i have been having very strong contractions here every day, 5 mins apart, but dont know how much i m dialating, if at all. so please, just state your opinion on things, if they didnt work on you, then say so, but dont take hope from others! Thank you VIVI



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