Can Raspberry Tea Help Induce Labour Naturally

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Vivi - July 18

I need to post my opinion here now. I'm sure that a lot of lady's here have tryed one thing or the other, for some it worked for others it didnt, but to go ahead in here, and say that particilar things are not affective just isnt faire to the ones who still have hope. I am in my 37th week now, and am also into trying anything. About red rasberry, i'm sure that it can help woman to go into labor, it just depends on the body, some might react well to it, others might just need some other kind of help. I had very painful contractions for two weeks before my first one was born, and was induced 8 days before my due date cause i stoped dialating at 3 cm, and just couldnt bare the pain no more. The same thing seems to be happening now, since i have been having very strong contractions here every day, 5 mins apart, but dont know how much i m dialating, if at all. so please, just state your opinion on things, if they didnt work on you, then say so, but dont take hope from others! Thank you VIVI


Don't Rush - July 18

There's no need to rush things. It seems like pregnancy lasts forever and you can't wait to meet your baby, but baby will come when he or she is ready. It's hard to sit back and wait, I understand, I've been there many times. Just enjoy the last remaining time. Rest up for baby, lol.


Alison - July 28

I love'd to read everyone's responses, it really made me see the are two sides of this fence I am sitting on. You see, I am 34 weeks pregas with my first and bubs already engaged weeks ago and has well and truly dropped, but no signs of him coming early. I have had an easy preg until now! However I am now becoming increasingly stressed and emotionally wound up as my size causes all kinds of problems. I guess what you need to ask yourself Niki is, am I happy and is my Dr happy to go ahead with a natural induction!


carry - August 11

rasberryleaf tea... is it something you can just buy in the stiore or is it over the counter. i am 38 weeks and am terrible with handling pain and at only 17 years old i am even more scared so if this helps i am willing to try even if it is a ittle late.


Shannon - August 12

Carry you can buy it at in natural health food store, make sure its rasberry leaf tea.


cher - August 13

does anyone know of anything else that can work other then raspberry leaf tea. I am 37+1 weeks and been having contractions that are not going anywhere or doing anything but hurting. Need this child out ASAP, as i cant stand it anymore.. I heard that bi carb soda and milk can bring on labour, anyone heard of this????


Shannon - August 13

Cher, I have never heard of that before. But like you I have had those painful contractions for over a month now with nothing going on I am 40 weeks and when I went to the dr last I wasnt even dialated and my cervix was still unripe. Talk about a disapointment. I want to try something but I know unless my cervix has already thinned out it will just cause painful contractions


cher - August 13

well i went out and got the tea and fingers crossed it starts to move things along..will let you guys know how it goes!! Good luck to the rest of you


Brittany - August 18

I tried Castor oil and it didn't work for me but I know it works for some people. I just picked up the rasberry tea today. I had one cup and hopefully it works. I'll be 39 wks on Saturday!


Hilarious - August 18

Did anyone read the post from Jan 16th by Jackie. That is too funny!


mich - August 18

I tried the tea last sunday, one in the morning and one before bed, it did nothing for me!!!!!! it tasted good though..... I heard that you have to be dialating before any inducing works, I guess I havent dialated yet. I am 39 weeks


cher - August 20

Well i have been drinking this tea for 4 days now, 3 cups a day and nothing... IT DOESN"T WORK!!! not happy, as i am in so much pain and really need this baby out. Not game enough to try castor oil as i have heard that it can be reallybad for the baby.. guess i will just keep sipping the tea away and keep the fingers crossed!


Holli - August 20

Been told by a midwife that it conditions the uterus for labour. i didn't use during 1st 2 pregnancys, but will try with my third 'cause I'm so sick of being pregnant! However, I did use castor oil to speed up my 2nd labour and it worked really well. Midwife directed me to scramble eggs w/ 2T castor. 2 hours later I "evacuated bowels" & labour picked up immediately. Labour pains were worse tho. Lovely stabbing sensation in my cervix for last 15 min. Motivated me to get that baby out fast! 5 min.!


melissa - August 21

holli how far along were you with your second child when you tried the castor oil? i am 34+3, with my first, last night i was throwing up and had diareaha twice and my upper legs are very very sore. and i believe the baby is starting to drop b/c i can breathe better and i walk funny now. i dont think im ready just yet but i wanted to try the castor oil in a few weeks. and want to know how well it works...


Jamie - August 22

I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea religiously for the past week. I lost my mucous plug over two weeks ago, about the same time my baby dropped. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions at least twice a day for the past month, but the tea is still doing absolutely nothing but making me nauseous. I'm 38 weeks, exhausted, so amazingly uncomfortable and desperate to get this baby born already, so I'm going to keep drinking it, but so far it hasn't done a thing.


Greta - August 22

I have also heard about it inducing labor and my doctor told me I could try it. I am 38 weeks and started this week, so we will see.



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