Can Raspberry Tea Help Induce Labour Naturally

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fi - November 18

I think a lot of you think that the tea brings on labour - it only tones the uterus to help give you an easier one. Good Luck!


haylee - November 18

tea does not bring on labour!!:)


angel - November 18

how soon can I take castor oil to induce my labor, and what side effects does it come with if I try only 1 tbsp at first?


Heather - November 19

I'm 39 weeks and I have been drinking the tea for about a month, tried nipple stimulation, hot baths, s_x with at least 1/2 soaking of the cervic after every night and sometimes morning too, tried tonnes of pinapple, walking, excessive cleaning etc...First baby and she has only dropped in the last few days. Haven't had a show or broken waters yet, not even a twinge of a back ache at all...any ideas girls????


fi - November 19

Has anyone tried acupuncture? My midwife says she has sent a few women to see one & the baby was born the next day... could be a coincidence but you never know!


pam - November 20

well i posted an answer up last now 38 weeks gone.took caster oil last week all it did was run the guts from me.spent the whole day on the loo.i,ve been drinking the tea for nearly two weeks aswell, my baby is engaged, but he obviously aint ready to come with you all on this,this is my first baby and i cant wait to meet him.but the doctor keeps telling me he'll be here soon enough and we'll have a lifetime be patient. but i cant be....


fi - November 20

I'm 39 weeks, I honestly am not ready for this baby to come out yet! I would rather it stay inside for at least another 2 weeks! Did anyone else feel like this at the same time?


Ruth - November 21

Hi everyone,I'm on my third pregnancy and had a 10 hour labour with my firstwhich I did not take Raspberry leaf.I took raspberry leaf TABLETS not tea as they contain more.I had a 50 min labour with my second.I started taking the tablets at 32 weeks and I do have lots of practice contractions.That is what they do make the braxton hicks more regular and that in turn makes the uterus stronger and luss when labour starts it makes the contractions come more regular and stronger so they are more effective.You do need to start taking them a good six to eight weeks before hand to have a good effect.They do not enduce labour but reserch shows that women who take them tend to not go overdue.All I can say is they worked for me and I'm due in five weeks and yes I hope they will work again.


Helen - December 8

Well I'm now 2 days overdue and yesterday started taking raspberry leaf tablets as opposed to the drink as I'm not a great hot drink lover. Maybe I'm trying this too late but I'm getting fed up! Bought a fresh pineapple yesterday too which I ate some of last night and will have more today. Lets hope baby decides to make an appearance soon! First baby by the way.


SJamerson - December 13

I am 35 + wks and am 2cm dialated I had my 1st baby @ 36 wks and my 2nd at 37 wks. I have been so uncomfortable w/ leg pain this time w/ my 3rd and just started drinking the Raspberry tea yesterday. I am praying this will work b/c the baby is thought to be rather big for her gestational age and I am so wanting this over w/. Has anyone gone into labor soon after being 2 cm ?


mommy4 - December 14

Hi Iam 37 weeks and my Dr said Iam at 1cm and stalled this is baby #4 and I ve never made it this far in pregnancy. I guess my qestion is douse any one no about black cohosh not blue I got some to day and I am thinking of trying it has anyone used it.. thanks


melissa - December 14

i drank it at 38 weeks had an early labour naturally and i didnt tear or need st_tches


kim - December 18

I've been dilated to 3 and completely effaced for weeks and I drink the tea I've tried to take castor oil, and evening primrose oil and nothing has worked


Nikki - December 21

Im now 37+2 weeks and ive been looking up ways to induce labor. Ive read at a couple of sites that raspberry leaf tea does not actually help induce labor but more help tone your cervix.


deb bris - December 23

hi mummy4, i read on the net that in labor blue cohosh is much better for you than black. I can't remember the web page, but I went threw google and typed in homeopathic remedies, and compared the difference, I'm using blue cohosh with my third, also at 37 weeks like you, I used it with my first and second, and personally swear by it. It is recommended to use it during braxton hicks contrations, Good luck with your search. Do you know what your having???


Elena - December 30

i am almost 40 week and i am trying the tea but also they says that s_x is good so have fun...



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