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36 weeks - November 24

They say real labor u can feel it in your lower back, now is it a sharp pain or a constant dull pain? does it go from side to side or is it constant throughout the lower back ? i am not sure how to associate my lower back pain, i am 36 weeks now and i know my cervix has soften, i did have s_x last night which i know can jump start labor but can one time in 2 months really be that effective? anyways anyones expereince would be a great help, thanks


36 weeks - November 25



lurkingmama - November 25

for me labor started slow with what felt like some electric type shocks and gradually developed into the contrations that made me feel like I had to go to the bathroom, I had no back pain at but my sister did and she said it was constant dull pain in her lower back and legs....different for all I guess. And no I don't think that once in two months would jump start things...unless you had a pretty good orgasm.


Mag - November 26

I did not know I was in labor at first. Honestly, I felt like I had sever gas/poop pains (sorry to be disgusting). Everyonce in a while I would get up to go to the bathroom, but nothing. This was off and on throughout the entire day then in the evening I started getting the pains more frequently. I called my doctor and went to the hospital. Sure enough I was in labor. Now when I finally went to the hospital it was 2 a.m. and my son was not born until 6 p.m. the next evening. So I was still far away from delivering, but that is what it felt like. I had NO back pain and NO pain across my entire stomach, I just felt like major gas/poop pains. The pain was nothing that I couldn't bear, but I was greatful to get the Epidural. I felt NOTHING after that. I pushed for 15 minutes and did not feel a thing. Oh another thing. A friend of me told me to stimulate my nipples...15 minutes on one side/15 minutes on the other. Do this for a few days. This gets a little painful, but it worked for me. I started on a Friday and went into labor on Sunday


lisa - November 27

nothing worked for me to induce labour appart from prostaglandin pill in hospital at 41 half weeks


angelea - November 27

with my first child i was induced, so the on set of labour was brought on and it just hit me with full force, but my second was natural. i woke up at 4am with just period like pain in my back and tummy. it was about 10 min apart so i just waited about 2hrs before going to the hospital. these pains did not change all day and i ended up being release at about 8pm that night. i went home to my mothers place so she could keep an eye on me. then all of a sudden the pain hit really bad and within mins i wanted to push, my waters hadnt even broken. we raced to the hospital and my labour was cla__sed as 9 1/2 mins. im now 38 weeks with my 3rd child and i have been getting pain for the past 3 weeks. dont worry you will know when it is labour. personaly if the pain is consistant and you keep an eye on the clock and the pain goes for 2hrs or so, its time to go to the hospital. but just remember no matter how much pain you are having, it will come to an end. also, go for a nice slow long walk, have a big feed of spicey food and plenty of s_x, thats what i did for my second and i went into labour 9hrs later and at 38 weeks and 1 day..... i hope this helps you in some way, it is scarey first time round.


Chris - December 1

My first I felt like period cramping. It starts off mild and increases in intensity as you get more dilated. My 2nd my water broke and it was intense right away.


Be careful - December 4

Please be careful, 36 weeks is too early for your baby, yes, it will survive, but you don't want a baby with breathing and immaturity problems. I know you don't want your baby in the NICU with IV's in its head and suffering so. It might be time to lay off the s_x until like 38-39 weeks...just some advice from a mother of a preemie. Good luck!


sylvia - December 16

i started to feel period like cramps at 5am sat morning after a little bloody show appeared i went on this site and it told me s_x would speed up the coming of labour so later that night i had a fair go at thsat 2 hours later i kept getting constant pains but it wasnt that painful just consistent period like cramps untill about 6pm that late afternoon i was forced to go hospital just in case and by the time i got there and did my exam i was 7 cm dilated , i stayed in hospital till about 12am the next morning 6 hours later i had a bad pain but it still felt like bad period pains , then my water broke and so my partner called in the nurse she said i was 10 cm and ready to go , i didnt have any drugs so i was suprised at the dull pain of it all, she just gave me gas , i was pushing and 10 minutes later hd a healthy bbaby girl i am a first time mum and only 18 to my suprise labour and birth wasnt that painful it really wasnt , i was actually preparing before the birth to take an epidural but the pain didnt hit me that bad also i didnt need st_tches or anything, the part that does hurt and women really aernt exagerating over is the crowning of the head now that was hell wrenchingly painful but goodluck anyway



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