Can Stressful Work Job Bring On Premature Labor

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redemptive_angel - May 26

My job is very stressful! I am on my feet for about 8 to 10 hours with no breaks (I rarely get a lunch break). My schedule changes weekly and my boss seams to love scheduling me to close one day (11am to 9pm) and then turn right around and have me open (7:30am to 5pm). I am the Manager of a hardware store and am 32 weeks pregnant. When I get home I am so exhausted and stressed! Should I take an early maternity leave? I can take as long as I want... mainly because it is unpaid and I am considered part-time even though they work me full time hours. I am just worried that I wiil go into premature labor from working so hard or that my it will harm my baby.


Been There - May 26

Have you spoken with your manager about your schedule and asked for help with managing it. You should be able to be accomodated.


redemptive_angel - May 27

I am the Manager. I am a d__n good manager who gives breaks to others first, then if I am lucky when I am done my boss is there to cover a break for me. If not I have to eat on the clock... no sit down break. If I talk to them it will be an "I quit talk" because my boss told me I had to kick a mentally challanged girl out of the store just because she comes and says "hello" to the employees who are working. My boss is a real peice of work. The funny thing is I asked if they could shorten my hours so no I have 36 hours per week instead of 40. There is also another full time manager who works their, but she is just as bad as my boss (corn cob stuck up her a**). She thinks the world revolves around her. The next day when I made the anouncement that I was pregnant and due on July 16th, she anounced she would be retiring at the end of June. Then miraculously she changes her mind because of me and decides to stay until the end of Oct. However it seams like every day is requested off... I never see her, and because she keeps requesting days off, I have to cover those days. I really hate my job. I plan on looking for a new one as soon as I possibly can after my little girl is born.



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