Can You Feel Yourself Dialating

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Reba - May 13

I was wondering if you can actually feel yourself dialate? I have been have sharp, shooting pains in my va___al area and was wondering if that could be what it is. I am 100% effaced and am 38 weeks pregnant. Thanks!


Anna - May 13

Of course! I don't feel much of anything when my uterus contracts, but I sure feel dialation. Get checked out. Good luck.


TJ - May 14

There is a website for midwives that showed me how to check myself for cervical dilation. It is hard to do though if your cervix is still pretty high up. IT said to sit on the toliet, it is the easist way to try to feel with that pregnant belly in the way.... place one foot up on the seat beside you and the other on the floor, be sure to hold onto something! Insert two fingers in and push way back towards your back. You should feel the cervix. It should be soft and if you can slip a fingertip in you are dilated about a fingertip, one finger is about 1-2 cm, if you can put 2 fingers in and stretch them out you are 3cm, or something like that. I tried it myself, but my cervix is too high to reach. And I think it will be hard to tell anyway because I am already 100% effaced, and I don't know what a cervix like that feels like! Good luck if you try though!!!


stacey bush - May 15

im only 5+mos and my v____al area doesnt seem quit the same . How early if possible can a pregnant woman dialate.


Liz - May 19

I am having sharp pains in my v____al area and the doc said I am dialated to almost 3cm. I am only 27 weeks but with twins. I am a little freaked since its so early. Is this alot?


monique - May 24

I had dialated 2 cms. And having back pains.


sara - May 24

i am to a finger tip is that normal


sazzy - June 20

I am also feeling sharp pain in my v____al area? When I went to the hospial for hurtin I had only dialated a centimeter and they sent me home. I am still having the sharp pains i hope my dr. will tell i have dialated some more.


Candice - June 20

I had the shooting pains earlier in my pregnancy and then they just stopped. My OBGYN stated that my cervix was still in tact and that I had nothing to worry about. I am now 37 weeks pregnant and I have been having the shooting pains again. I have also been having like a pulling sensation in the v____al area when I walk. Has anyone felt that before? I have another appointment in two days and I hope to hear that I am thinning out and starting to dialate or something that will make me feel that I should be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so tired of being pregnant!!!


Leighann - July 17

wow i am so glad i found this, i thought i had something wrong with me for having those pains and i have the SAME EXACT pulling sensation when i walk!!!!! my mucous plug broke at 36 weeks and ive been feeling that stuff ever since, i go to the doc's on tues so we'll see what happens! thanks ladies


vera - August 13

I am 30 weeks pregnant and my baby has already moved his head down. My pelvic feels like it is separating and my v____al area even feels like it is separating?



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