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Angela - January 24

Why is it that people keep writing on some of the threads that are SOOOOOOO old?? They post their opinions/suggestions that are just repeats of stuff that other posters have made,,,,as far back as a year ago!!! Let it go people!! I am sure these people have had their babies already (unless if their gestation is that of an elephant!). If someone wants some advice, they can just read the already has the info in it. Worst case, they can start a new one.


Mary - January 25

What's the difference?? Another person can have the same question and read posts from different women with different experiences. If you don't want to read them, don't click on them....pa__s them by. Simple as that. You don't have to be ignorant!


Gina - January 25

Mary, it's not that it's that ok example - 15, pg, with breech triplets - it's been around for a yer or so, and it has a million replies - replies you can scroll thru - but every day someone goes and types in, "well you'll probably have to have a c-section" - they same d__n response ten trillio times!!!!! If someone has the same question, they should just scroll thru and read all the other answers, there's no point to giving the same answer so many times. Oh and by the way, as for that particular post, if you read thru, the girl already had her baby, the other two died. It's long over with. Bottom line, is that if you're going to respond to something, look back at what other people have said, because it's just ridiculous to add something everyone else has already said. If you don't have something new, and worthwhile to say - don't say it!!!!!


Gina - January 25

I apologize for all the typos, I got a little worked up. Also though, the reason it shouldn't be pa__sed off as "just ignore it" is because it keeps that post at the top of the forum, where other people are trying to ask real questions, and need help. We don't need nonsense that's been around for a year getting first place every day.


to all - January 25

it is a public forum and anything goes, you cannot really control anything


Mary - January 27

To Gina--Does it really make that big of a difference?? If you are actually going into that thread and reading it, then you are part of the problem. Who cares if it is at the top of the forum...just ignore it! Like the other person said, it`s a public forum, if you don`t like it, start your ow forum where you control the posts. Otherwise, don`t complain!



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